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ShowMarketing Trends

Interviews with trailblazing marketers, including CMOs, CEOs, VPs, and industry leaders. You’ll hear war stories from marketers who helped build the Fortune 500. Our guests share how they lead high-performance marketing teams, with best practices and lessons that you won’t learn anywhere else.

Marketing Team Metamorphosis through Company Growth with Amy Cook, CMO of Simplus

Amy Cook the CMO of Simplus, has seen a lot of growth during her time in the industry. Through her experiences scaling teams and companies, she’s gleaned a wealth of knowledge about integrating into massive new organizations, working across all departments for the best marketing ideas, and working with agencies to help accomplish her goals.

The Future of Marketing is Here with Jeremy Epstein, CMO, Gtmhub

Jeremy Epstein, CMO of Gtmhub, has a future-focused mindset about marketing. The emerging use of blockchain is developing rapidly and, even now, Epstein argues that there is a new market for marketers to serve there. Through his years at Microsoft and Sprinkler, he has developed a relaxed yet effective leadership style and shares some of his insights in this episode. Think differently with Epstein about your remote workforce and the way you define success for them.

Bringing Big Beauty Savvy to Her Own Brand with Courtney Baber, Co-founder of The Route Beauty

Courtney Baber, Co-founder of The Route Beauty left a successful career in beauty with time spent at Sephora, C.O. Bigelow, and Urban Decay, to create her own skincare line with best friend and skincare provider, “Nurse Nancy” Pellegrino. Featured on Oprah, promoted by Khloe Kardashian, and sold on HSN, The Route Beauty hasn’t been without its hurdles, but it continues to flourish.

Finding Alignment Between Vision, Perception and Business Needs Using Data with Kevin Tate, CMO of Clearbit

Kevin Tate, the CMO of Clearbit is making it easier for businesses to both have more marketing data and also how to interpret it more effectively. Tate describes the challenge he seeks to address in aligning the vision of where his marketing department sees things going, the perception that they leave on their target market, customers, and the sales needs that the business has to remain profitable and successful.