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Interviews with trailblazing marketers, including CMOs, CEOs, VPs, and industry leaders. You’ll hear war stories from marketers who helped build the Fortune 500. Our guests share how they lead high-performance marketing teams, with best practices and lessons that you won’t learn anywhere else.

Most Recent Episodes

Susan Vitale: Starting Small and Thinking Big With Susan Vitale, Chief Marketing Officer, iCIMS

How does one go from being a young marketing coordinator at a company to spearheading its international marketing campaigns as CMO? Susan Vitale, the Chief Marketing Officer at the talent acquisitions company iCIMS, joins us to discuss her unique 17-year marketing journey there. She shares how her early days at iCIMS helped prepare her for the CMO role and offers valuable advice on overcoming self-doubt when stepping into a new position.

Jordan Rost: Smart TV and Smarter TV Marketing With Jordan Rost, Head of Ad Marketing, Roku, Inc.

In the relationship between people and technology, which side is really transforming the other? It is a question that Jordan Rost, Head of Ad Marketing at the streaming provider Roku, Inc., has been exploring throughout his career. Tune in to hear Jordan’s thoughts on how marketers are adapting to new technologies in the TV space and why some traditional TV advertising practices have remained relevant during the streaming revolution.

Siddharth Taparia: Be a Driver of Change With Siddharth Taparia, Global Chief Marketing Officer, JLL

When a CMO joins a well-established company, how can they effectively gain the confidence of the other executives? Siddharth Taparia, the Global Chief Marketing Officer at the real estate services company JLL, boils the answer down to just a few crucial components. Tune in to hear his take on why building trust as a marketing leader requires a careful balance of both humility and assertiveness.

Lachlan Davidson: Making Digital Memories With Lachlan Davidson, Head of Digital and Marketing, Memories Group Limited

Memorializing a lost loved one is a longstanding human custom. But how is that tradition changing in today’s digital world? Lachlan Davidson is the Head of Digital and Marketing for Memories Group Limited, a leader in the burgeoning digital legacy industry. Lachlan joins us to discuss how technological innovation is opening the door to new possibilities in the memorialization space and shares the joys and challenges of growing a category as a marketer.

Eric Tosi: The Modern Age of Sports Marketing With Eric Tosi, Chief Marketing Officer, Foley Entertainment Group/Vegas Golden Knights

The Vegas Golden Knights made history when they reached the 2018 Stanley Cup Finals in their first NHL season. But the franchise’s early success can be attributed to more than just the action on the rink. Eric Tosi, the Chief Marketing Officer for the Vegas Golden Knights and Foley Entertainment Group, has been with the team from the outset and joins us to offer insider tips on how he helped build a standout sports brand in a city teeming with entertainment options.

Narine Galstian: Creating Customers for Life With Narine Galstian, CMO, SADA

What does a genuine customer-first marketing approach look like in practice? Narine Galstian, the Chief Marketing Officer at SADA, a Google Cloud Partner, asserts that when the company gains a client, “that’s just the beginning of their transformation.” Tune in to discover how marketing leaders can build long-term customer relationships that help their clients grow.

Brianna Haag: Events Will Never Be the Same With Brianna Haag, Director of Demand Generation, Hopin

As society becomes more virtualized, how can people make real, substantive connections in the business world? Brianna Haag, the Director of Demand Generation for the events platform Hopin, shares how technology is opening the door to new possibilities in the events landscape. Tune in to hear why she’s claiming that “events will never be the same” again.

Avi Kulkarni: Cold, Hard Business Logic With Avi Kulkarni, Senior Vice President of Health Sciences, Cognizant

Can a long-established medical premise actually be a new trend? Avi Kulkarni, Senior Vice President of Health Sciences at the IT services and consulting company Cognizant, says the patient needs to be “the center of the universe” and also describes how innovation and risk-taking are “cold, hard business logic.” Tune in for Avi’s straightforward healthcare and business assessment.

Saar Shwartz: Marketing Without Boundaries With Saar Shwartz, Chief Marketing Officer, BMC Software

What do childhood, motorcycling, and marketing have in common? Saar Shwartz, the CMO at the IT solutions and consulting company BMC Software, says they all embody the idea of limitless possibility. Tune in to hear the longtime marketing leader share how growing up in Israel, becoming an officer in the army, and developing a passion for motorcycles have all helped him on his path to becoming the CMO of a multinational, multibillion-dollar company.