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Interviews with trailblazing marketers, including CMOs, CEOs, VPs, and industry leaders. You’ll hear war stories from marketers who helped build the Fortune 500. Our guests share how they lead high-performance marketing teams, with best practices and lessons that you won’t learn anywhere else.

Most Recent Episodes

Reimagining the Customer Journey With AcuityAds Chief Strategy Officer, Seraj Bharwani

Before customers click that “buy” button, they’ve been exposed to your brand time and time again. This is your company’s “customer journey” — and this journey is constantly changing. AcuityAds’ Chief Strategy Officer, Seraj Bharwani, shares what brands need to know to create a seamless journey for their customers, including how to track and innovate that journey.

Data and Technology, Content, and Context Must Be in Union Together With Valerie Bischak, Head of Growth at Amobee

In the current market, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. Every customer wants something different, and businesses are constantly pivoting to keep up with shifting data and strategies. According to Valerie Bischak, the Head of Growth at Amobee, the only approach that always works is one that takes the chaos into consideration… as opposed to fighting it. Bischak is here to talk to Marketing Trends about why a multi-faceted approach is one that works best, why failure is a misused word, and why finding smart people makes all the difference.

Cultivating Curiosity and Delivering Predictability With HG Insights VP of Marketing Ed Locher

Leading in marketing means seeing trends before they happen… sensing the change in the wind before anyone else and helping your clients prepare and – better yet – take advantage of those changes before anyone else. But in a world of unpredictable markets and shifting landscapes, delivering a level of predictability for your clients while also leading your own team is no easy feat. Lucky for us, Ed Locher, the VP of Marketing at HG Insights, is here to talk about how he manages to deliver a level of predictability for his clients while also promoting empathy and curiosity within his own ranks.

From Practitioner to Leader: A VP of Marketing’s Advice for New Leaders With Andrea Zoellner

You’ve landed your first leadership role within your marketing organization — how do you prepare for that transition? Andrea Zoellner, Kinsta’s VP of Marketing, shares what she’s learned going from practitioner to manager, including her perspectives on balancing speed with growth, how to create a high-performance marketing team, and what it takes to bridge the gap between sales and marketing.

Gathering Customer Feedback that Actually Matters with Janelle Estes of UserTesting

Do you really understand how your customers experience your product, website, app, or service? Janelle Estes, Chief Insights Officer at UserTesting, would guess that while you probably think you do, you likely actually don’t. Janelle joins the podcast to talk customer expectations, why business metrics don’t always align with these expectations, and shares tips and tricks for companies looking to get honest, relevant, and applicable feedback on their UX.

Keep Your Talent, Educate Your Leaders, and Satisfy Customers with Rebecca Stone, CMO, Cisco Meraki

B2B marketing is changing fast. In part because it’s so commonplace in the B2C world, the expectation for everything to be available on-demand and at your fingertips is reaching into other verticals — including for B2B businesses. If you aren’t there for your customers when they want, where they want, and how they want — they will find a company that is. Rebecca Stone, the SVP, Customer Solutions Marketing & CMO at Cisco Meraki, is an expert in how the B2B world is shifting, what it takes to keep great talent, and how to effectively work with and educate a leadership team, and she shares the secrets on this episode.

Help Your Clients Get the Future They Want with Francois-Xavier Reodo, CMO, Capgemini Invent, North America

How can you bring together an organization that’s acquired different brands? For Francois-Xavier Reodo, who goes by FX and is the North America Chief Marketing Officer, Capgemini Invent, it all boils down to telling the proper story. FX shares his interesting globetrotting journey as well as how his career has developed at Capgemini. Tune in to hear the fascinating marketing insights he has learned along the way.

How Elemental TV is Pioneering the Next Generation of CTV Ad Innovation with Omer Latif, CEO at ElementalTV

Streaming TV is everything these days, and eyeballs are shifting away from traditional television. The problem is knowing where marketers should start, or how to make sure they get the best bang for their buck. This area of advertising is fragmented, and we’re still trying to figure out how to consolidate and best measure our reach. Today we have on Omer Latif, from Elemental TV, a leading CTV advertising technology company that is first to power the next generation of ad break experiences through its proprietary ELM technology and vertical ad formatting.

Paranoia is a Gift: Staying Vigilant in a Crowded Market with Madison Logic CEO Tom O’Regan

We’re living in a world of ever-moving targets: the metrics of success are always shifting, as are the goalposts of success. Tom O’Regan, the CEO of Madison Logic – a company that provides advanced account prioritization using proprietary data signals, multi-channel activation, comprehensive measurement, and integrations with major CRM/MAP solutions – talks about how his team finds unified metrics, why micro-dosing failure can be a good thing, and how staying paranoid helps him stay at the top of his game.

How to (Re)Brand: Pivoting from Product to Consumer with CMO Ana Villegas

We don’t often think about marketing as something that changes the world, but it is. Whether it’s through amazing products, or by creating an inclusive environment for minorities to have their voices heard, marketing is a powerful place to be. We are helping to shape the world view. Today, the CMO of National Instruments, Ana Villegas, joins us to talk about how she was able to come to a new country and climb the ranks of amazing brands like Dell and National Instruments by using her superpower: belief in herself.