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Interviews with trailblazing marketers, including CMOs, CEOs, VPs, and industry leaders. You’ll hear war stories from marketers who helped build the Fortune 500. Our guests share how they lead high-performance marketing teams, with best practices and lessons that you won’t learn anywhere else.

Most Recent Episodes

Tyrone Miller: The NFT Frontier With Tyrone Miller, Head of Media, Sfermion

It can be difficult enough for a marketer to raise awareness about a brand, but what about a whole new territory? Tyrone Miller is the former Head of Media at the investment firm Sfermion, which focuses on NFTs — a promising world still being explored. On this episode, Tyrone talks about the potential of the novel NFT market and how his gaming industry experience strengthened the storytelling skills he uses to connect with clients.

Kelly Hopping: Let’s Talk About CMO Burnout With Kelly Hopping, Chief Marketing Officer, HYCU

What is the best path forward for a CMO suffering from burnout? On this episode, accomplished marketing leader Kelly Hopping reveals why she chose to take a six-month sabbatical before accepting her current role as Chief Marketing Officer at the backup-as-a-service company HYCU. Tune in to hear what she accomplished during her time away from work and why she believes other CMOs could benefit from taking a well-timed break.

Alice Milligan: Choosing a Brand to Champion With Alice Milligan, Chief Marketing Officer, Morgan Stanley

How should a marketing leader choose which brand to devote their time and talent toward? Alice Milligan has worked for some well-known operations like AT&T, American Express, and Citi before her current role as Chief Marketing Officer at the financial services company Morgan Stanley. On this episode, Alice discusses the values that have guided her extraordinary marketing journey and the fascinating approach she took during her first 90 days as Morgan Stanley’s CMO.

Suresh Raj: Know the Culture, Grow the Brand With Suresh Raj, Global Chief Growth Officer at Virtue Worldwide

What is the secret to growing a brand? Suresh Raj, the Global Chief Growth Officer at Vice Media Group’s creative agency Virtue Worldwide, suggests that keeping a thumb on the pulse of the culture is essential for a company’s growth. Tune in to hear how his incredible “boy band” background has prepared him for his current role and for some advice on how to pitch ideas to clients.

David Stewart: Music, Marketing, and a Bit of Sales ‘Magic’ With David Stewart, EVP and CMO, Sweetwater

How vital are authentic customer connections to growing a business? David Stewart, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at Sweetwater, suggests that the focus on customer experience is the “magic” behind the company’s massive success. Tune in to learn how David’s lifelong passion for music has fueled a 30-year career at one of the world’s leading musical instrument and audio equipment retailers.

Michael Diamond: The ‘Death’ of the CMO? With Michael Diamond, Academic Director, NYU School of Professional Studies

With a number of major brands taking a more comprehensive marketing approach, are the days of the CMO numbered? Michael Diamond, the Academic Director and Clinical Assistant Professor at NYU School of Professional Studies offers his take on whether the role of the Chief Marketing Officer is disappearing or simply evolving.

Emeka Ofodile: The Unifying ‘Power of Sports’ With Emeka Ofodile, Vice President of Sports Marketing, ESPN

With so many ways that people can consume sports content, what role does marketing play in bringing fans together? Emeka Ofodile is Vice President of Sports Marketing at ESPN, a network that over the years has become closely associated with sports fandom. On this episode, Emeka shares how innovative strategies from his marketing “playbook” have helped ESPN adapt to the modern-day sports fan and unite the fan experience.

Jawad Bisbis: Finding ‘Purpose’ in Marketing With Jawad Bisbis, Global VP of Marketing at Ball Corporation

What do Coldplay, Jason Momoa, and the 2022 Stanley Cup champions, the Colorado Avalanche, have in common? They all partner with Ball Corporation to build a better future. Our guest today is Jawad Bisbis, the Vice President of Marketing at Ball Corporation. Tune in to hear Jawad’s thoughts on marketing for positive environmental change.

George Hammer: Traveling to New Business Territories With George Hammer, Global Head of Marketing of Tripadvisor

Is it best to grow your career by staying in one industry? George Hammer, the Global Head of Marketing of Tripadvisor, suggests that traveling to different industries and jobs is the way to learn more. Tune in to hear from George about how marketers ought to have an interdisciplinary approach and how marketing leaders should make out-of-the-box hires.