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Interviews with trailblazing marketers, including CMOs, CEOs, VPs, and industry leaders. You’ll hear war stories from marketers who helped build the Fortune 500. Our guests share how they lead high-performance marketing teams, with best practices and lessons that you won’t learn anywhere else.

Most Recent Episodes

Lauren Gerstner: Bringing Digital Transformation to a Time-Honored Brand

Evolving your company’s approach to marketing and customer experience is required to stay ahead of the competition, even for the most established pillars of business. In this episode, Lauren Gerstner, Head of Marketing, MassMutual Financial Advisors, details how the centuries-old institution continues to adapt to meet changing expectations while maintaining the authority and customer trust it has established over 171 years.

Jacqueline Woods: With Great Data Comes Great Responsibility at Teradata

As the data revolution rapidly transforms marketing, does the industry run the risk of losing its altruistic ideals? Jacqueline Woods, CMO of the multi-cloud data platform Teradata, urges marketing leaders to take responsibility for their enormous influence on society. Hear Jacqueline discuss Teradata’s strong commitment to diversity, her reverence for authenticity, and why she believes the popular analogy comparing data to “new oil” is somewhat misleading.

Rachel Konrad: Mission Matters Most

In a market focused on revenue and notoriety, how can modern businesses find the right footing to make an impact? Rachel Konrad, Chief Brand Officer at The Production Board, claims that by focusing on the mission that matters, companies can make a positive impact on the world around them. Tune in to hear how Rachel aims to help prepare the next generation of business leaders by pushing to fix the current climate change issue.

Eric Toda: Finding Opportunity in Unpredictability with Meta

In today’s unpredictable marketing environment, how can leaders in the industry continue to maximize their impact? Eric Toda is the Global Head of Social Marketing at Meta and Head of Meta Prosper, an online hub created to uplift Asian American and Pacific Islander communities and businesses. On this episode, Eric shares why today’s unique challenges provide marketers with exciting opportunities to not only drive revenue, but to serve and empower new and diverse voices.

Alice Cherry: Redefining Company Culture During Periods of Change

What is the best way to ensure a smooth workflow as a marketing leader? Alice Cherry, Chief Marketing Officer at S&P Global, claims that communication is key when leading marketing teams. Tune in to learn how Alice not only builds healthy relationships with other executives and stakeholders, but also created a brand new company culture throughout S&P Global’s merger with IHS Market.

Melanie Hellenga: Generating ‘Top-of-Mind’ Brand Awareness with Groupon

Brands that rely on the events industry have had a difficult last couple of years. So, how can they regain traction now that events are making a robust comeback? This is priority number one for Melanie Hellenga, VP of Brand and Performance Marketing at Groupon. Melanie joins us to discuss the creative approaches her team has used to transform the brand and how data is being leveraged to raise “top-of-mind” awareness for the deals and discount platform.

Keith Knapp: Building Inclusion into the Evolving CrossFit Brand

As gym culture evolves, how do companies like CrossFit boost their brand to potential consumers? Keith Knapp, Director of Marketing at CrossFit, strives to build a brand that includes every shape, size, and ability. Keith shares that by relying on their affiliates to help localize advertisements, each community receives specialized marketing and branding. Tune in to the episode to learn how Keith’s passion for fitness and community led him to reinvent the CrossFit brand.