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Interviews with trailblazing marketers, including CMOs, CEOs, VPs, and industry leaders. You’ll hear war stories from marketers who helped build the Fortune 500. Our guests share how they lead high-performance marketing teams, with best practices and lessons that you won’t learn anywhere else.

Most Recent Episodes

Jenna Flateman Posner: The Value of Community-focused Branding at SNIPES

How is one of the world’s fastest-growing streetwear retailers setting itself apart in a crowded category? Jenna Flateman Posner, Chief Digital Officer at SNIPES, suggests that the secret lies in the company’s bold commitment to elevating the communities it impacts. Jenna joins us to discuss the inspirational philanthropic marketing model at SNIPES, and why she believes the idea of developing “true retail partnerships” is often taken for granted in the industry.

Pepper Evans: Discovering Mobile Marketing Opportunities With Pepper Evans

As avenues of consumer interactions advance, what areas should marketers focus on to evolve communication? Pepper Evans, SVP of Marketing at Optum, claims that the next advancement for marketers is to focus on the mobile experience. By improving app capabilities, companies can easily communicate with consumers to provide meaningful connections and drive revenue. Tune in to the episode to hear how Pepper invests in her employees to enhance their experiences which in turn improves customer interactions.

Melissa Proctor: A Winning Gameplan for Sports Marketing Success

There are few arenas as competitive and complex as professional sports marketing. In this episode, Melissa Proctor, CMO of the NBA’s Atlanta Hawks and State Farm Arena, shares how she continues to achieve by showing up for herself and her teams. With more than 15 years of proven brand strategy expertise, Melissa has found myriad ways to engage and delight the Hawks’ devoted fanbase, while reinforcing the organization’s deep connection to the city it calls home. Tune in to learn how she continues to build unforgettable experiences for fans, the city’s communities, and her employees.

Jennifer Warren: Bringing Optimism Back to an Uncertain Job Market

As economic uncertainty continues to grow, what tools are available to job seekers hoping to find meaningful work? Jennifer Warren, VP of Global Brand Marketing at Indeed, joins us to explain why the hiring platform is injecting a much-needed dose of optimism into the job market conversation. Learn about Indeed’s commitment to building a diverse workforce, and hear Jennifer’s keen perspective on the relationship between brand and performance marketing.

Cheryl Mills Knight: Building a Brand That Reflects Company Culture

What’s the best way to ensure a brand has a long-lasting effect on consumers? Cheryl Mills Knight, SVP of Brand & Culture at Kendra Scott, shares that she values empowering customers as well as connecting with employees to produce a culture that brings joy to all aspects of commerce. Tune in to hear more about why ensuring employees and customers feel valued can have a ripple effect for a business.

Seth Freeman: Building Better Brands, Teams, and Experiences

What is the best part of being a marketer? Seth Freeman, VP of Marketing and Communications at BlueLinx says he is driven by being able to tell stories through marketing. By relying on a strong team and using the resources around him, Seth explains how he built his role from the ground up. Tune in to the episode to hear more on how to rebrand and ensure employee receive quality experiences.

Stephanie Postles / Jeremy Bergeron / Albert Chou: Mission Thanksgiving Roundtable: Is Black Friday Dead?

With the holiday shopping season in full swing, how are businesses handling the busiest commerce period of the year? On this special crossover episode, the hosts from Mission.org podcasts, Up Next in Commerce, Marketing Trends and IT Visionaries join forces for the first time ever to discuss all things retail. Tune in to hear Stephanie, Jeremy, and Albert share their thoughts and expertise about the latest shopping technology, holiday cyber threats, and whether shifting consumer attitudes will make Black Friday a thing of the past.

Stephanie Dobbs Brown: Building Exposure Through Partnerships With Stephanie Dobbs Brown

What do Balenciaga, McLaren’s race team, and CNBC’s Mad Money have in common? They’ve all collaborated with ICE to expand their brands and build exposure for their companies. Tune in to learn from Stephanie Dobbs Brown, CMO at ICE, about how partnerships can benefit building brands to reach wider audiences through creating bold relationships and excellent employee experiences.