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The List That Made Her Millions

Feb 12

As a young girl, she was a math geek. That passion for learning led her to become the first person in her family to graduate college. As she approached graduation, she got two job offers:

One was a position as an accountant at a well-known company. Her friends and family had all heard of the company and they were impressed.

The second offer was from a young businessman she’d interned with over the summer. He wanted her to do door-to-door sales and collect business owners’ personal information. It was a hundred percent commission.

Her friends and family weren’t impressed with the second offer.

They all told her to stick with the first – the accounting job for the well-known company was a dream job.

But the young woman’s grandfather wanted to hear more about the second option… the door-to-door sales job.

He said it sounded more interesting and kept asking questions. He told her that any job like that that would force her to think on her feet would be good. Besides, he reasoned that she was 22 now, and worse case, she’d be 23 soon and looking for another job. Her grandfather’s final question to her was, what did she have to lose by taking it?

Everything, she thought. But when she thought deeper, she realized the only thing at stake was what other people might think…

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