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A Matter of Time

Jan 22

It was ancient times.

Having already achieved great military successes, Julius Caesar continued to display his might by leading his Roman army to victory in a bloody civil war. As victor, he named himself supreme ruler of Rome and dictator for life.

Caesar purged the empire of the old Republic’s ways.

He carried out much-needed reform that helped bring the empire out from under its debt. He increased the size of the senate and made it more open and fairer so that it better represented the people of Rome. He reconstructed the city-states of Carthage and Corinth which had been destroyed by his predecessors. He granted citizenship to foreigners and even invited some of his defeated rivals to serve with him in the government.

After he solidified his rule, Caesar turned his attention to a matter that had been a thorn in the side of the state and the masses for decades: the matter of Time…

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