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Put It On Ice

Jan 17

The two brothers had a father who wasn’t your average high school shop teacher.

Their dad was obsessed with the outdoors and nature. He loved fishing, and inventing new things.

In the 1970s, he invented a flexible finish that made fishing rods better.

He put his finish into bottles and started selling it. It was a hit, and soon he was inventing and selling new products that fishermen loved. Those products turned into a business that the whole family helped grow.

Soon the two brothers were working hard and immersed in the fishing supply industry.

The two brothers loved to go to trade shows. For hours, while Dad worked the trade show booth, the boys were free to roam in fascination. Their imagination for new products for the industry ran wild.

But those ideas were placed on the back burner as each brother went off to college.

Upon graduation from Texas Tech, the younger brother was finally ready to put his business skills into practice. At the same time, his older brother was building custom fishing rods.

The younger brother wanted to try his hand at something else—something a little bigger.


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