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Manjula Talreja: Proactively Driving Customer Success With Manjula Talreja, SVP and Chief Customer Officer of PagerDuty

What drives a company toward winning? Manjula Talreja, SVP and Chief Customer Officer of PagerDuty, shares how the company has evolved into an “operations platform in a digital-first environment” to help businesses create positive experiences for its customers. Tune in to learn from Manjula about how PagerDuty’s “proactive” approach to support customers leads to wins internally and for the companies it serves.

Thomas Krane: What Venture Capitalists Are Looking For in ‘NextGen’ Innovation With Thomas Krane, Managing Director, Insight Partners

Shy of having a crystal ball to predict the future, venture capitalists have to rely on other skills to determine what companies to fund. With a decade of experience, Insight Partners Managing Director Thomas Krane knows how to spot innovative startups that are bringing a significant value-add to the market. Just as importantly, he’s also looking for CEOs that understand the market value and how to make their product profitable. Learn more about the next generation of software VC!

Kit Colbert: An Innovation ‘Ecosystem’ With Kit Colbert, CTO, VMware

The IT world has many talented innovators, but they often work with outdated or overly complex software systems. Kit Colbert, the Chief Technology Officer at VMware, asserts that the virtualization company is helping set the table for these developers to flourish. Tune in to hear Kit explain how the synergistic relationship between VMware and its customers creates an “ecosystem” of innovation.

Borya Shakhnovich: Greatness Through Incremental Improvement With Borya Shakhnovich, CEO, airSlate

Is it the concept or the process that truly sets great companies apart from the rest? Borya Shakhnovich, the CEO of the workflow automation company airSlate, suggests that entrepreneurs are better served improving on an imperfect idea rather than trying to create the perfect one. Tune in to hear about the “kaizen” approach that airSlate takes toward innovation.

Mike Fitzmaurice: Low-code Truth-telling With Mike Fitzmaurice, Chief Evangelist & VP-North America of WEBCON

Even if everyone could easily develop their own applications, would that really be a good thing? Mike Fitzmaurice, Chief Evangelist & VP-North America of WEBCON, points out that low-code solutions, like those offered by WEBCON, work well in experienced hands. Tune in to hear Mike’s myth-busting takes on low-code and no-code solutions and what he sees as the realistic promise of these sorts of development tools.

Marcin Kurc: Don’t Move Slow on SLOs With Marcin Kurc, Co-founder and CEO, Nobl9

The increasing complexity of software systems has made it challenging for service providers to maximize efficiency and reduce technical debt. Marcin Kurc, the Co-founder and CEO of Nobl9, claims that these companies can find help in the burgeoning market of SLOs (service-level objectives). Tune in to hear the software innovator explain why SLOs are saving service providers precious resources and helping them maintain customer satisfaction.

Fredrik Nilsson: Securing Communications With Fredrik Nilsson, VP Americas, Axis Communications

The rapid advancements in camera and data storage technologies serve humanity more than simply feeding us our favorite entertainment in higher definition. To wrap up our communications series, Fredrik Nilsson, VP of the Americas for Axis Communications, stops by the show to illustrate a multitude of ways the company’s software and cameras are making the world a safer place. From detecting fires to locating the perpetrators of crimes, Axis’ technology brings their customers a greater degree of speed and precision while cutting costs.Tune in for Fredrik's explanation about how automation is enhancing the future of security.