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Debiasing AI and Machine Learning With Journalist Jacob Ward and Kathy Baxter, Architect of Ethical AI Practice, Salesforce

As we train computers to complete repetitive tasks for us automatically, we need to be keenly aware of the biases we may be subconsciously programming. So, what questions should we be asking as consumers and employees in a world augmented by computer assistance? The Principle Architect of Ethical AI Practice at Salesforce, Kathy Baxter, and journalist Jacob Ward give guidance on creating a responsible AI ecosystem that prioritizes safety, privacy, and equality. This episode was published first by Blazing Trails, our sister podcast over at Salesforce, hosted by Michael Rivo.

Harnessing the Consistent Power of the Sea Through Tech with Inna Braverman, Co-Founder & CEO, Eco Wave Power Ltd.

The ocean is massive and powerful, and harnessing its energy has been difficult. Inna Braverman and her business partner, both with outsider perspectives, have worked to develop an elegant tech solution that can harness the continuous power of the moving seas. Their company, Eco Wave Power Ltd., is bringing their low-profile "floaters" that gather ocean energy to ports around the world, including in Gibraltar and Los Angeles. Also, hear Inna's personal story about how surviving the Chernobyl disaster has motivated her to make a positive impact.

Respect All Your Clients’ Dreams Equally With Miles Ward, CTO of SADA

If you’re in a service industry, should you honor every client’s dream equally? According to Miles Ward, the CTO of SADA, that’s absolutely the correct business mindset. Miles also talks about the benefits companies are finding in the cloud and how it’s valuable to be an engineer who communicates well too. He even shares a little about his passion for playing a musical instrument called the electric sousaphone.

Staying Curious, Keeping a Wide View, and Getting Into the Details With Vittorio Cretella, CIO of Procter & Gamble

Is being successful tied to being perpetually inquisitive? Vittorio Cretella, the CIO of Procter & Gamble, discusses how maintaining a posture of curiosity has been a constant throughout his career. Also, he chats about Procter & Gamble’s digital transformation at an international scale and that AI is now being used across the company. Listen in to learn a little about Vittorio’s passion for motorcycles too.

Great Scale, Great Opportunity – Big Banking Moves to the Cloud With Saul Van Beurden, Head of Technology at Wells Fargo

How do you protect banks and their customers from bad actors now that banks are no longer just brick and mortar? Due to technological advances, banking services are increasingly digital and on mobile devices. Saul Van Beurden, the Head of Technology at Wells Fargo, chats about strategies to deal with cyber threats including educating customers and methods of devaluing data. He also talks about how Wells Fargo is improving NLP to better communicate with customers and why the future of banking at Wells Fargo will one day be entirely in the cloud.

Corporate Security Standards For Personal Devices – Transforming An Industry with Team Cymru

We’ve all heard about “cyberattacks” – it seems there is a new article or clickbait headline about them every day. But what can we do to stop them? Better yet – can we predict them before they even happen? David Monnier of Team Cymru is here this week on IT Visionaries to talk about cybersecurity, the importance of a “no-touch audit”, and how – when it comes to global cybersecurity – the best offense is always an active defense.

Find the Pattern and Then the Solution With John Gray, CTO and CPO of InterVision Systems

Can noticing repetitive aspects in systems help you to solve problems? John Gray, the CTO and CPO of InterVision Systems, suggests seeing “problem patterns” in business and technology can help to deliver solutions. He also explains that serving clients often involves synthesizing different tools rather than building totally tailor-made solutions. John also talks about his hobby of flying remote control airplanes.

Disrupting the Energy Game with Kiran Bhatraju, CEO of Arcadia

Not many people ask about where their energy comes from. We want it to be clean, but what does that really mean? For decades, no one has really had a choice – but Kiran Bhatraju, CEO of Arcadia – the first nationwide digital utility – is changing all of that. Our modern society will continue to drive us to find better options to fuel our tech-savvy and on-the-go lifestyles. Changing the behemoth known as “the grid” is paramount to our success in the future.

From Parking Garages to Cities, Keeping Cars Moving With Gianni Strul Maxemin, Founder and CEO, Pied Parker

What if the parking process was better so there was actually less traffic congestion? Gianni Strul Maxemin, the Founder and CEO of Pied Parker asked that question and then came up with a solution. Gianni explains how his company is building out a system that can help individual drivers, parking management customers, and even entire cities manage their parking needs and increase transportation efficiency.