The Marketing Evolution During the Tech Revolution With Arun Cavale, Chief Marketing Officer, IBM Consulting, Asia Pacific

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 “I think the old model of a linear development or a linear approach, it’s all gone right? Now, we quickly put something out there, we create MVPs, we co-create it with customers, [and] we test it out… That really, really excites me because we are getting to solutions to problems in the fastest possible way.”


Key Insights

Will Augmented Reality Lead to Big Changes in Marketing? 

Regarding augmented reality (AR), Arun believes that “marketing will obviously go through a lot of change once AR and the whole aspect of [the] metaverse comes into a little bit more reality. I think even the function of marketing is going to go through a massive change.”

Is ABM a Natural Progression in Marketing? 

“Segmentation was our first attempt to make some sense out of the market out there. So ABM  is, to me, a fine tuning over the years of that segmentation approach. The segments got smaller and smaller and smaller and smaller as we became more and more client-centric in our approach in our go-to-market. So, in that sense, I think ABM is a logical evolution.” 


How Can Marketers Stay Client-centered in This Rapidly Changing Landscape? 

“… Build your own relationships within the client organizations independent of the sales relationships. Because, obviously, a sales relationship is, in many ways, a little bit of a transactional relationship. You as a marketeer can transcend that short-term nature of the transactional relationship… Building your personal relationships is probably the best place to start.”

As the old adage goes: ‘The more things change, the more they stay the same.’ There is no replacing the fundamental value of client relationships for marketers. In fact, the importance of knowing your customer only grows as consumer demands become more specialized. As Arun puts it when he explains the value of ”field marketing”: “Start with the customer and getting to start with the customer requires us to understand the customer, understand their needs, and then work backwards, working with the rest of the organization to make the magic happen.”

About the Guest:

BIO: Arun Cavale is a multiple award-winning Marketing and Communications leader with over 22 years of extensive experience in implementing a long-term vision and driving significant demand and revenue growth across multiple markets and businesses.

Arun has demonstrated excellence in managing a company’s growth; through metrics like revenue, social ROIs, employee, and customer engagement. He has also been successful in aligning Marketing closely with the business, becoming a trusted advisor and driving overall long term business agenda.

Arun is seasoned and dynamic in building reputation with executive management, key clients, and employees with excellent communication and interpersonal skills. He is passionate about client-centricity and sees his role as the champion for clients’ interests within the organization.

Arun was listed in Forbes as one of the “50-Best Marketing & Communications leaders in Asia” based on an extensive survey by White Page International; He was also awarded “The Most Influential Global Marketing Leader 2018” by CMO Asia and the World Marketing Congress. In addition, he is also a sought-after public speaker, an international Badminton player, former Guinness world record holder, cryptocurrency enthusiast, investor/ advisor for several tech startups, and a 100% hands-on father to his teen daughter.

Arun has an MBA from the S P Jain Institute of Management &Research, Mumbai (a top-10 b-school in India) and a Bachelors degree in Engineering from BMS College of Engineering, Bangalore.”

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