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Dive deep into the world of customer experience. Hosted by Lauren Wood and featuring some of the smartest business minds of the day.

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Justin Rose: 34 How John Deere is Making Technology Accessible to All Farmers

On this episode, Justin Rose, the President, Lifecycle Solutions, Supply Management, and Customer Success, John Deere, discusses the implementation of AI in customer success. He highlights the challenge of determining when and how to intervene with customers based on AI insights, without being overly prescriptive or intrusive. He emphasizes the importance of customer feedback and engagement in shaping AI solutions. Justin also addresses ethical considerations, such as safety and data security, and emphasizes the need for transparency and trust. He shares resources for AI implementation and innovation, and advises customer experience leaders to be bold and incremental in driving innovation.

Robert C. Wolcott / Kaihan Krippendorff: 33 The Power of Proximity in Enhancing Customer Experience

On this episode, we explore the concept of proximity and how technology is enabling products and services to be delivered faster and tailored to individual needs with authors Robert C. Wolcott & Kaihan Krippendorff. They discuss real-world examples of proximity, such as vertical farming, 3D printing, and on-demand pharmaceutical production, and highlight the impact of proximity on customer experience demand, including the expectation for customization and immediacy. The conversation also touches on the sustainability benefits of proximity, such as reducing waste and greenhouse gas emissions, and the importance of cross-industry exploration and learning from other industries to stay ahead of rapidly changing customer expectations. 

Joey Coleman: 32 Useful Ways To Think About The Relationship Between Customer and Employee Experience

On this episode, Joey Coleman, Chief Experience Composer at Design Symphony, dissects the connection between employee experience (EX) and customer experience (CX). Joey highlights the importance of understanding the emotional journey of both customers and employees and how it impacts their experience. Plus, he emphasizes the need for organizations to prioritize both EX and CX and create a culture where everyone is responsible for creating a great human experience.

Chris Zlocki: 31 The Monumental Power of Genuine Empathy as a CX Tool

On this episode, Chris Zlocki, Global Head of Client Experience for Collier's Occupier Services, explores the changing landscape of commercial real estate in today’s world. Chris emphasizes the importance of being a proactive and consultative partner to clients, understanding their needs, and driving meaningful change. Plus, he touches on the importance of both a top-down and bottom-up approach to creating a strong company culture. And when it comes to customer success, Chris emphasizes tracking the voice of the customer and how he uses the Net Promoter Score.

Anita Toth: 30 What Are The Biggest CX Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

On this episode, Anita Toth, the Chief Hidden Revenue Hunter at ATI, discusses churn and customer success in the B2B SaaS industry. She shares insights on common mistakes businesses make when trying to avoid churn and emphasizes the importance of building an authentic view of the product from the beginning. Anita also highlights the cost of not focusing on churn and the need to uncover hidden revenue opportunities. She discusses the limitations of NPS as a metric for measuring customer satisfaction and suggests alternative approaches. 

Jill Thomas: 29 How To Achieve Championship Level CX with PGA Tour Superstore’s CMO

On this episode, Jill Thomas, the Chief Marketing and Customer Experience Officer for the PGA TOUR Superstore, discusses the importance of understanding the customer and creating personalized experiences. She highlights the impact of technology on customer perceptions and the need for businesses to adapt. Jill also shares insights into the in-store and online experiences at PGA TOUR Superstore, emphasizing the focus on customer service and creating an inclusive environment for all golfers.

Eric Wood: 28 AI and the Driving Experience: Enhancing EVs Through Smart Technology

On this episode, Eric Wood, Vice President of Product Experience at Rivian, discusses the future of EVs and software-defined vehicles, emphasizing the need for seamless integration and personalized experiences. He also digs into the importance of collaboration and empathy in design and he highlights the significance of customer-centric leadership and building brands that deliver on promises.

Rekha Srivatsan: 27 New Report Reveals Trends and Challenges for the Industry

On this episode, Rekha Srivatsan, VP of Product Marketing at Salesforce Service Cloud, discusses the findings of the sixth edition of the Salesforce State of Service report. The report dives into some of the biggest trends in the customer success industry, including the increasing demand for personalized and fast service, challenges of implementing self-service while maintaining customer trust, and the use of AI and data and why it’s crucial in meeting customer expectations and improving customer experience.

Ryan Ostrom: 26 Secrets to Great Service at Quick-Service Restaurants

On this episode, Ryan Ostrom, the Chief Marketing Officer of Jack in the Box, discusses how the brand has separated itself from that pack in the QSR industry by placing an emphasis on speed, quality, and consistency. Plus, Ryan explains how innovation can drive business growth and enhance the customer experience, and he reveals how Jack in the Box continues to satisfy constantly evolving customer cravings with digital innovations as well as in-store service.

Danny Cox: 25 How Breeze Airways is Proving You Can Create Superior Flying Experiences

On this episode, Danny Cox, Vice President of Guest Experience at Breeze Airways, discusses the challenges airlines face in creating great passenger experiences. He emphasizes the need for airlines to let go of antiquated processes and mindsets and focus on. Danny shares how Breeze Airways is working to improve the airport experience and reduce stress for travelers. He also highlights the importance of partnerships and the impact they have on the overall guest experience. Plus, Danny discusses the role of leadership in guiding the team and fostering an empowerment mindset.