Consumer-Centric Wisdom: Woozae Kim on Marketing, Branding, and Beyond

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Marketing Trends Background

On this episode, Woozae Kim, an esteemed marketing leader, delves into the intricate realm of marketing and branding. Woozae underscores the significance of understanding the customer journey and fostering a cohesive brand experience across all touchpoints. Plus, he advocates staying attuned to consumer trends through field research, emphasizing empathy, collaboration, and clarity as catalysts for organizational change, and he challenges conventional norms around some major industry ideas.

Tune in to learn:

  • The world of marketing today (2:40)
  • Connecting with consumers (6:10)
  • Where do brands lose sight of the customer experience (11:00)
  • Best and worst marketing campaigns recently (13:40)
  • Balancing the need for empathy and understanding with pushing for speed (18:10)
  • Defining your strategy (21:45)
  • Tips and tricks for marketers today (28:00)

About the Guest:

Woozae is a disruptive business leader with a passion for connecting brands and consumers to
larger cultural conversations that generate brand buzz, drive awareness, and fuel business
growth. He is a proud Korean immigrant who came to the US at the age of one in pursuit of the
American Dream, and has successfully built a 30-yr career at iconic and startup brands across
fashion, beauty, entertainment and tech. And throughout his life, he has been a fighter for social impact, activism and spreading kindness.

As the former CMO at Inkbox, Woozae was charged with building a new fashion + beauty
category, while creating a brand platform for youth to authentically celebrate and experiment
with their ever-fluid identities. There, he proudly launched exclusive product collections with
100% of proceeds donated to nonprofits in support of BLM, LGBTQIA, abortion rights, Ukraine,
and many more. In his prior role as SVP, Global Brand Marketing at Calvin Klein, he tapped into
cultural change-makers to recharge the brand’s provocative spirit, and regain global brand
relevance with young consumers. One of their campaign launches even led to an iconic SNL
parody. There, he also launched the brand’s first global holiday charity program, in partnership
with Save the Children. And as Vice President of Global Consumer Marketing & Artist Relations
at MAC Cosmetics, Woozae lead the company’s digital transformation, ushering in a new
digital-first marketing model, that included an online-exclusive product collaboration that crashed the website and sold out in 8 minutes!

He also has a long history leading brand partnerships, and has built groundbreaking brand
activations for top-tier events and experiences with powerhouses like Marvel, Warner Bros, Live
Nation, and MTV. And his expertise has been sought after for projects with high-level talent,
such as: Travis Scott, Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian, Gorillaz, 50 Cent, etc…

Woozae is also a dreamer, experimental cook, and loyal friend.”

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