Finding Moments of Chill with Molson-Coors with Marcelo Pascoa

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  How do brands curate success with customers? Marcelo Pascoa, VP of Marketing at Molson-Coors, claims that being environmentally and emotionally conscious builds a brand that inspires loyalty with consumers. Listen to the episode to hear more about how Marcelo and Molson-Coors make social and environmental efforts to build on their 150 year legacy that connects with customers and creates brand success.  

Tune in to learn:

  • What Molson-Coors has to offer (2:07)
  • How Marcelo saw different challenges while working around the globe (8:45)
  • Dealing with cultural nuance in marketing (13:40)
  • About Molson-Coors’ campaign with Tide (23:31)
  • Responding to economic headwinds (35:30)


19:39 The Whopper Detour 

23:31 Coors Light and Tide Campaign

28:49 – Cannes Lion International Festival of Creativity

31:52 – The Art of Branded Entertainment, collection of essays – Marcelo was featured as a co-author 

36:40 – Chill-Boards, Coors Light’s eco-and-social campaign 

About the Guest:

BIO: I believe brands can play a relevant role in people’s everyday lives. I believe in seeing people as human beings rather than consumers. I believe creative work can be a source of real change, generating exponential growth, while making the world a better, simpler, more interesting place.

My goal is to lead projects that will explore uncharted territories, expanding the possibilities of our industry as a significant part of popular culture.” 

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Episode 369