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Marketing Trends Background

On this episode, Ashley Kramer, Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer at GitLab, shares her expertise on building trust in leadership and fostering collaboration between sales and marketing. Plus, she delves into the world of AI’s impact on software development and explains a bit about how GitLab is shaping the future.

Tune in to learn:

  • Community feedback and the influence it can have (5:15)
  • Marketing to a technical audience (6:55)
  • ABM in 2024 (8:50)
  • Working in companies that are ready to scale (12:00)
  • Coming into a new company and taking time to listen (14:10)
  • Relationship between the CMO and CRO (18:00)
  • GitLab’s biggest wins (22:30)
  • The No. 1 metric to look at (25:15)
  • Surprising lessons about making mergers work (29:45)
  • Stepping out of your comfort zone (32:00)
  • The potential of AI in software delivery (34:15)
  • What does it mean to be a CSO? (38:30)

About the Guest:

“Ashley Kramer is the Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer of GitLab Inc., the DevSecOps Platform. GitLab’s single application helps organizations deliver software faster and more efficiently while strengthening their security and compliance. As CMO and CSO, Ashley leverages her leadership from roles in marketing, product and technology to message and position GitLab as the leading DevSecOps platform through the next stage of growth. She is responsible for GitLab’s product marketing, brand awareness, communications, analyst relations, community, competitive positioning, marketing ops and revenue pipeline generation including all digital and sales development efforts. Ashley also leads the strategy for product-led growth and code contribution to the GitLab platform.

Prior to joining GitLab, Ashley was CPO and CMO of Sisense and has held several post-IPO leadership roles including SVP of Product at Alteryx (NYSE: AYX) where she led the messaging, positioning and roadmap for the Alteryx Analytics Platform and Head of Cloud at Tableau where she led the effort to transform Tableau (now a Salesforce company) to a cloud-first company and ran Tableau Online, their fastest growing product. She also has held various marketing, product and engineering leadership roles at Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN), Oracle (NYSE: ORCL) and NASA. As a former engineer, Ashley understands and can capitalize on the value of GitLab’s unique ability to solve a deep developer pain point – streamlining the development process and bringing innovative ideas to customers in a quicker and more efficient way. She approaches everything with a customer-first mindset and has a passion for solving the challenge of positioning and messaging software platforms to technical audiences.

Ashley has an MSBA with a Concentration in Computer Information Science from Colorado State University and a BS in Computer Science from Old Dominion University where she also played Division I soccer. She currently is on the Board of Seeq Corporation and advises several startups.”

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