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It only takes one idea or one story to change the whole trajectory of your life, career, and work. In each episode of The Journey, we talk to entrepreneurs of all stripes, so you can prime yourself with the knowledge and mindset you need for your own journey.

Most Recent Episodes

Jackie Burke: Solving the Unsolvable Problem with Tini Lux Founder & CEO Jackie Burke

Jackie Burke wasn’t interested in being an entrepreneur. As an engineer, she was very risk-averse. But when her own skin allergy had her searching for a hypoallergenic earring and coming up empty, she felt called to solve a problem - and in the process, started a business, Tini Lux, that has since become a solution for folks with sensitive ears everywhere.

Matthew Herman: Disrupting the Beauty Binary with Matthew Herman of Boy Smells

Matthew Herman has always been pushing against the norm. From their time at NastyGal fashion to their current business — Boy Smells, a queer-owned fragrance and personal product brand — they’ve been encouraging people to be more authentic. Find out how this force of fashion took their vision to the world of fragrances, and how Boy Smells is pushing the confines of gender expression in an innovative way.