An Expert’s Perspective on How To Invest in Branding

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On the list of priorities for high-growth companies, where should branding land? How, when, and why should a company start to think about and invest heavily in brand-building activities? These are the questions Alex Woods faces every day. On this episode, Alex, the Head of Brand Creative Strategy for Accenture Song, dives into those questions and gives some strategies for companies that are looking to take the next step.

Tune in to learn:

  • The role of AI for brand creatives (2:30)
  • Coinbase at the Super Bowl (8:00)
  • Why branding is a tool for driving growth (22:30)
  • Understanding when is the right time for companies to invest in branding (26:35)
  • The distinct components of your marketing mix (35:00)
  • How to position yourself at the table (41:40)
  • Getting onto the brand strategy career path (44:30)


About the Guest:

Alex Woods currently serves as Head of Brand Creative Strategy for Accenture Song where he was the founding member of a new creative group with the goal of pulling brand strategy and conceptual creativity into Accenture’s North American consumer marketing practice. 

His team’s first work debuted in Super Bowl 2022 for Coinbase and was both celebrated and derided for its unconventional approach. ‘Less Talk, More Bitcoin” was awarded the SuperClio as the best spot of the Super Bowl, a Grand Prix and Titanium shortlist by Cannes and Best of Discipline along with multiple Golds by The One Show. The work itself generated 20 million spontaneous, concurrent website visits to Coinbase.com during the initial 60 second live airing, a feat we believe not achieved prior or since.

Prior to joining Accenture Song, Alex led iconic and upstart brands during his time at Droga5, BBDO NY and within the Dentsu network of agencies including mcgarrybowen, 360i and Firstborn.


In 2022, his team’s work for Coinbase won the Super Bowl and Grand Prix at Cannes. In 2020, his team’s work with The New York Times titled, “Life Needs Truth” was recognized as Campaign of the Year while his team’s work for CPG brand Biofreeze was named Media Plan of the Year. In 2019, his team’s immersive experiential work for Thorne, a health-tech brand, was selected to the permanent collection at New York’s Museum of Modern Art.


In over 15 years working in the creative agency, Alex has worked for an “Agency of the Year” winner more than a dozen times.”

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