The Unifying ‘Power of Sports’ With Emeka Ofodile, Vice President of Sports Marketing, ESPN

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With so many ways that people can consume sports content, what role does marketing play in bringing fans together? Emeka Ofodile is Vice President of Sports Marketing at ESPN, a network that over the years has become closely associated with sports fandom. On this episode, Emeka shares how innovative strategies from his marketing “playbook” have helped ESPN adapt to the modern-day sports fan and unite the fan experience.

Tune in to learn:

  • About Emeka’s background and marketing journey (5:00) 
  • About the evolution of the sports consumer (10:45) 
  • About the diverse culture at ESPN (25:00) 
  • Emeka’s take on how to grow at a company (41:30)


About the Guest:

BIO: My passion lies in rethinking the ways in which businesses tell their brand stories. These stories—told in the right way, through the right mediums, and to the right audiences—can deliver breakthrough gains in brand love, revenue, customer loyalty, and overall business impact. Ultimately, smart marketing and brand strategies fuel real change and transform how companies compete in the global marketplace. 

With a focus on ROI, I bring a consumer-centric lens to the business—creating compelling, cross-platform narratives that rise above the noise, earn media, and connect with consumers in new ways. Notably, I am known for integrating sports into the larger cultural conversations through innovative strategic platforms, groundbreaking music strategies, co-marketing partnerships with top non-sports brands, and award-winning campaigns.

As a former soccer player, I truly believe in the power of a team. I work every day to empower my teams to take ownership, lead with confidence, and make decisions to reach the ultimate shared success: brand and company growth.”

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