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Join host Stephanie Postles as she sits down with eCommerce leaders on the front lines of digital innovation. With guests from established enterprise companies to D2C start-ups barely out of infancy to everyone in between - you’ll get the inside scoop on what’s Up Next in Commerce. New episodes release every Tuesday and Thursday.

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Touraj Parang: All About Exits: Understanding and Achieving Success When Exiting a Start-up ALT: All About Exits: Preparing for Exits Leads to Success With Touraj Parang

When it comes to start-up acquisitions, Touraj Parang is in a class of his own. He has helped companies exit and has been on the acquirer side of deals throughout his many years in Silicon Valley. On this episode, he talks about the lessons he’s learned along the way and gives acquisition advice to start-up founders who are just entering this playing field.

Jim Davis: No One’s Passing This Buck: Buck Mason’s Marketing and DTC Strategies Explained

Buck Mason brings an enduring design flair to its products, but that’s not where its everlasting concepts end. Jim Davis, the Chief Customer Officer at Buck Mason, discusses how traditional marketing ideas like catalogs and direct mail can still be difference makers for DTC. Tune in as he also dives into what the future will hold for emerging brands.

Brian Seewald: Resetting To Find a New Career Passion With Brian Seewald, SVP of eCommerce at Express

What if you learned what you thought was your career passion was not your heart’s desire? Brian Seewald, the SVP of eCommerce at Express, reset and found a true affinity for retail generally and, ultimately, ecommerce. Tune in to hear from Brian about how Express offers its customers “personalization, [an] omnichannel experience, styling and fit, and community.”

Hans Christian Schrei / Luis Gramajo: The Magic of A Powerful Story With Wunderkeks Co-founders, Hans Schrei and Luis Gramajo

Hans Schrei and Luis Gramajo were told that the world didn’t need another cookie company, but they persevered and have found success with their brand, Wunderkeks. On this episode, they share how they went from Hans’ mother’s kitchen in Guatemala to exploding onto the scene in Austin, Texas, and becoming media and celebrity darlings.

Fatma Collins and Julie Rogers: A Platform for Parents: How Fatma Collins and Julie Rogers Built Ten Little

Fatma Collins and Julie Rogers met while they were pregnant with their first kids and when they found they were both struggling to find products and resources for their children, they decided to do something about it. They began Ten Little based on one central conviction: “Parenting is hard, but shopping for your child shouldn’t be.” How did they create a platform that simplified the buying experience for parents everywhere? Find out on this episode!

Kenny Smithnanic: Mint Mobile’s Approach to Funny Ad Campaigns with Ryan Reynolds, Consumer Psychology, and Customer Acquisition

Sure, Mint Mobile benefits from having the star power of part-owner Ryan Reynolds in its back pocket, but Kenny Smithnanic, AVP, e-Commerce at Mint Mobile, explains how the brand’s success goes far beyond Ryan’s charm. Tune in to find out how Mint Mobile is achieving exponential growth, and what role consumer psychology plays in Kenny’s methods and strategies.