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Join host Stephanie Postles as she sits down with eCommerce leaders on the front lines of digital innovation. With guests from established enterprise companies to D2C start-ups barely out of infancy to everyone in between - you’ll get the inside scoop on what’s Up Next in Commerce. New episodes release every Tuesday and Thursday.

Most Recent Episodes

Talking TV, Streaming, and Segmentation with Fariba Zamaniyan of Xperi Corporation

Although you might think of TiVo as the DVR of days gone by, the brand is still having an impact. These days, TiVo is part of Xperi Corporation, and the data that the company gathers is making it possible for brands to understand their customers better as it relates to TV and streaming advertising. Fariba Zamaniyan, the Vice President, Advanced Media and Advertising at Xperi Corporation, discusses that and more on this episode.

Mindset Shifts for Upskilling, Hiring, Partnerships and More with Diana Haussling of Colgate-Palmolive

How you go about doing something is the greatest indicator of success. For Diana Haussling of Colgate-Palmolive, instituting the right mindset for all of her employees, partners, and vendors is step one in the recipe for success. Whether it’s upskilling your employees, hiring new talent, or partnering with agencies or vendors, Diana believes how you think about the situation and your approach to it will make all the difference.

From Lawnmower Tech to Mobile Remote Controlled Robot Stores With Dmitry Shevelenko, Co-Founder and President of Tortoise

How did technology for a lawnmower operated by remote control end up leading to mobile robot stores? Dmitry Shevelenko, Co-Founder and President of Tortoise, explains how his company landed on creating an original product — a mobile vending machine — while concentrating on last-mile delivery. He also shares how his passion for anthropology and how people behave has been a key driver in understanding customers’ behaviors to increase revenue.

Personalizing Experiences and Building Communities with Nick James of Blue Buffalo

People love their pets. That’s a universal truth that Nick James uses as his north star while working as the Senior Director of Consumer Experience at Blue Buffalo. That’s where the universality ends, though. Pet parents, just like consumers in all industries, are individuals with specific needs, and brands have to create experiences and implement technology to make every customer journey as personal as possible. Here, Nick explains what that personalization looks like at Blue Buffalo.

Can A Robot Help Make You A Better Burrito? Nicole West of Chipotle Has The Answer

When you think about quick-service restaurants like Chipotle, you might not always think they are on the cutting edge of innovation. But Nicole West, the VP of Digital Strategy & Product at Chipotle, says that’s not the case. In fact, Chipotle is making investments in robotics and AI in incredible ways to create the best possible experience in-store, online, and at all digital touchpoints. How? Find out on this episode.

Where and How Telcos Like Lumen are Meeting Customers’ Needs

Delivering what your customers want and need seems like an obvious thing for a company to do. But when there is so much new technology to experiment with and alternate roads to go down, it’s easy to get off track. Jon Luciano, Director of Ecommerce for Lumen, discusses how Lumen stays the course, and how and why telcos and other industries can invest in new opportunities in a way that allows them to succeed.

How BIC is Writing Its Omnichannel Strategy

In the same way that the pen is mightier than the sword, the omnichannel approach is superior than throwing all your eggs in either the digital or in-person baskets. At BIC, Jennifer Elmashni, Vice President, Global eCommerce and Digital Marketing, breaks down how the global brand is building community, engaging in B2B and D2C strategies, and experimenting anywhere and everywhere in order to stay on top, including exploring how other countries are using digital influencers and scaling last-mile delivery.

How To Get The Most Out of Affiliate Marketing with Tyler Grooms of Sweetwater

Brands know that word of mouth is one of the most effective ways to acquire customers, but how do you create the kind of chatter you actually want? What do you need to do to find and use influencers, content creators and affiliate marketing in order to give your customers what they want most? Tyler Grooms, Director of Engagement Marketing at Sweetwater, provides some answers on this episode.