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Seán Doyle

Lead, Centre for Cybersecurity, World Economic Forum

Raji Subramanian

CTO, Opendoor

Melonia da Gama

Director of Marketing, Fortinet

Katherine Bahamonde Monasebian

President and GM North America Commerce for Stanley Black & Decker

Lynn Simons

Senior Director, Security Awareness & Engagement, Salesforce

Cal Henderson

Co-founder/CTO, Slack

Ian McShane

Field CTO and VP of Strategy, Arctic Wolf

Michael Nyenhuis

President and CEO, UNICEF USA

Vasco Pedro

Co-Founder and CEO, Unbabel

Taher Elgamal

CTO, Security, Salesforce

David Raissipour

Chief Technology & Product Officer, Mimecast

Stephanie C. Hill

Executive Vice President of Rotary and Missions Systems at Lockheed Martin

Jim Quinn

Executive Managing Director, JLL

Cynthia Kleinbaum Milner

VP of Marketing for Walmart Plus, Online Grocery and Mobile App, Walmart

Phil Dunkleberger

President and CEO of Nok Nok Labs

Nitish Mathew

Global Head of Data Engineering and Governance at Afterpay

Charles Worthington

CTO, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

Fatma Collins and Julie Rogers

CEO & Co-Founder, Co-Founder & COO

Emma McGuigan

Global Lead, Enterprise and Industry Technologies, Accenture

Clate Mask

CEO and Co-Founder of Keap

Cindi Carter

Global CISO, Check Point Software Technologies

Joyce Paul

Director of Research & Insights at Salesforce

Alaina Percival

CEO, Women Who Code

Shalini Mayor

Senior Director of Enterprise Automation at Salesforce

Lidia Fonseca

Chief Digital and Technology Officer, Pfizer

Dr. Yu Xu

CEO, TigerGraph

Mike Sentonas

CTO, Crowdstrike

Jeff Burnstein

President, A3

Brian Woodring

CIO, Rocket Companies

Gill Thomas

Director of Engagement, Capacity & Resilience Program, Global Cyber Alliance

Mark Chien

General Manager, AWS Sales, Marketing, and Global Service

Our guests are leaders in their industries.

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We listed some of our most common questions here. If you can’t find the answer to your question, just get in touch.

Can you get guests that will resonate with my industry?

We have a wide network of some of the smartest people in the world, all in our Mission Community. We also have amazing relationships with some of the top PR agencies in the world to help you book exceptional guests.

Who owns the right to the content if I work with Mission?

Mission Studios will be the content owner. All customers are able to heavily influence the direction of the show. This model is similarly used in popular sponsored content shows aired on broadcast television.

How can I see the success of my podcast?

Our team provides weekly reports for total downloads directly from the podcast platforms for complete transparency.

Do you have experience in my industry?

We work with customers collaboratively to identify the best guests for the show. While we do not have domain experience in every industry, we are confident we can identify the right guests and the rights host(s) for your show. 

Are our clients happy? You bet.

“We’re partnering with Mission.org, which has been bringing tech and business-focused stories to the world for awhile now. In fact, last fall, we brought our data stories to the Mission’s flagship series, The Mission Daily, with appearances by a number of Splunkers…”

— Splunk CMO

“I’ve been singing [Mission’s] praises because you guys are uniquely positioned to help not just with podcast but with events and storytelling in exciting ways as well.”

— Salesforce Commerce Cloud

“The value of these podcasts is that they are self-sustaining digital properties that we can point to as value ads every week. And with Salesforce looking to do more media, having this as something that we can utilize and don’t have to worry about is incredible”

— Salesforce Commerce Cloud

“What you get to hear on the surface when listening to the podcast is only a small piece of what the team at Mission brings to the table… From day 1, our experience has been nothing short of extraordinary.”

— Salesforce Platform