Why Marketers Should Be Constantly Learning and Building

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In the marketing world, you have to evolve or get left behind. On this episode, Anthony Kennedy, CMO of ION, discusses how to stay ahead and digs into the importance of building a high-performing marketing team, and he emphasizes the need for continuous learning and development. And on the note of constant evolution, Anthony also shares insights on tailoring marketing strategies for diverse industries and the impact of AI on marketing. 

Tune in to learn:

  • The importance of design in communicating a message (7:30)
  • Creating an employee culture (11:45)
  • Tailoring marketing strategies to meet the needs of various industries (14:45)
  • Why simplicity leads to scale (16:00)
  • Digging into the power of generative AI (18:10)
  • Prioritizing metrics that matter (21:50)
  • How to think about growing communities (29:20)
  • Building with AI (42:00)


About the Guest:

“Anthony Kennedy is the CMO of ION. He has helped teams around the world at ION, KPMG, Goldman Sachs, Acrolinx, and more to grow and flourish. Anthony is a strategic leader of Marketing Operations and Communications Agency teams made up of brand and design, community, content and media, digital marketing and social media, events, video and animation, and web and application functions. He builds great teams and enables them to deliver their best work and best-in-class services in line with strategic directions and business priorities. 

Anthony has delivered strategic projects that pioneer new technology platforms and different ways of working within the business. He believes that while the focus of these teams varies, the intent is the same – to solve business problems through design and technology.”

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Episode 417