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About Us

Stephanie Postles


Mission is more than a media studio.

We are a woman and veteran-owned creative studio that began as a garage start-up in Palo Alto in 2018. Today, we operate 20 podcasts (and counting!) and produce digital media in partnership with some of the world’s most elite enterprises.

So how did we go from editing scripts in-between baby feedings to a global team producing content with the world’s most innovative companies?

It All Started with an Idea…

Before Mission was “Mission,” we were called Life Learning. Life Learning was born of a radical premise – in a world of clickbait fueled by FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt) can we create positive, evergreen content that connects people with ideas, news, and stories that truly matter?

2 million readers later, we can say with confidence that the answer is a resounding “yes!”

As the publication grew, we saw an opportunity to have an even greater impact. With that in mind, Mission Studios was born.

The journey building Mission has been an amazing (and sometimes turbulent!) one. From the early days of selling our first podcast sponsorship to Salesforce for a little idea we had called The Story to now having a network of more than 20 shows with amazing partners and industry-leading guests, it’s been a wild ride.

Here are just some of the things we’ve accomplished so far:

  • Continuous Top 20 Ranking in our Categories (Tech, Marketing, Business)
  • 4 Million+ downloads annually (many from C-levels and executives of the F1000)
  • 600+ episodes with industry-leading executives
  • Won “Best of Year” award from Apple for 2 of our podcasts
  • Clients and sponsors that include the best enterprises in the world
  • And the biggest, baddest network of C-Suite operators among any podcast or original content studio (see below)
A Vision for the Future of Media

We believe that good media will mediate voluntary evolution and that the leaders on the cutting edge of their industries have stories that need to be told. Podcasts are the perfect avenue for this pursuit, albeit a complicated and competitive one. The amount of enterprises that create and own their own podcasts in-house is large, and sadly the majority of these end up in something we call the “corporate podcast graveyard”. These are the podcasts that are either defunct, halted, or where corporate creep smothers or censors the story before it has a chance to mediate what it needs to accomplish.

We partner closely with our clients in a way that helps them stay far away from the corporate podcast graveyard, win awards, and accomplish their enterprise marketing goals in a whole new way.

2022 is on track to be another breakout year for podcasting and original content. Mission will continue to be the partner to help these enterprises find their voice, while also leveraging the shows and content to meet their business goals.

So stay tuned and follow along with our journey as we launch new podcasts with some of the best companies in the world. We currently have 3 in pre-production that will be launching soon, and even more in stealth mode while we find the perfect enterprise partner for each.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Mission.org works with our partners, or just want to say hi, feel free to reach out!

Our Focus

Community. Our community is obsessed with improving themselves. They are leaders, executives, entrepreneurs, and self-improvement enthusiasts who are always looking for ways to level up their health, wealth, and wellbeing.

Customers. Our customers help people by using technology, innovation, education, and science which is why we only work with mission-driven companies.

Creators. We empower creators. Our creators are writers, artists, and technologists who are interested in telling stories that last and create positive change in the world.