About Us

Mission is an award winning veteran and woman owned media, strategy, and marketing studios.

We operate a network of C-Level and executive focused shows and podcasts.

We work with the best enterprises in the world to create videos, podcasts, and experiences that reach and influence the hardest to reach executives and decision makers.

Learn more about working with Mission and get our case study on how we helped a F100 enterprise decrease their cost to reach executives by 10x.

Mission Leadership

Stephanie Postles is the Co-Founder and CEO of Mission.

Prior to Mission, Stephanie worked at Google where she managed a $1B PnL, led a $500M+ divestment, and created a five year plan for Geo’s hardware and augmented reality efforts. Her background before that is in finance and economics.

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Chad Grills is the Co-Founder and Chairman of Mission.

Prior to Mission, Chad served in the US Army in Iraq, Egypt, and provided security for a Presidential Inauguration. His first book on psychedelics and recovery protocols for PTSD was backed by the former CIO of the US Army. He’s worked with C-Level executives at the F1000, Generals, and a former President.

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Chad and Stephanie founded Mission to create a new kind of American media studios that helps extend the healthspan of mission-driven enterprises, executives, and their teams by creating new kinds of media streams.

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