LinkedIn’s Perspective on the Evolution of Marketing in 2023

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Marketing Trends Background

With all the recent growth of AI, data, and automated tools, marketing teams have had to evolve to not only implement these developments, but also maximize their value. And that – even in 2023 – still comes down to having the right people for the job. In this episode, Jim Habig, VP of Marketing at LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, discusses some exciting insights from LinkedIn’s Jobs on the Rise 2023, and gives his take on some of the recent tech developments that teams need to harness to stay competitive.  


Tune in to learn:

  • Jim’s take on the state of marketing in 2023 (4:00)
  • The LinkedIn rising jobs report (7:40)
  • The many facets of LinkedIn (13:50)
  • ChatGPT and its use in marketing (22:30)
  • Using data to understand a build trust (31:10)
  • How to best support yourself and your team (39:55)





Episode 394