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Jim Habig: LinkedIn’s Perspective on the Evolution of Marketing in 2023

With all the recent growth of AI, data, and automated tools, marketing teams have had to evolve to not only implement these developments, but also maximize their value. And that – even in 2023 – still comes down to having the right people for the job. In this episode, Jim Habig, VP of Marketing at LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, discusses some exciting insights from LinkedIn’s Jobs on the Rise 2023, and gives his take on some of the recent tech developments that teams need to harness to stay competitive.

Jenna Lebel: How Liberty Mutual Brought New Marketing Magic to a 100-Year-Old Brand

After 100+ years of insurance excellence, no one would blame Liberty Mutual’s marketing team for playing it safe with its customer outreach. Instead, the company continues to defy its century-old origins by bringing new, exciting (and even outright funny) ideas to the table. In this episode, Jenna Lebel, CMO of Liberty Mutual, explains how implementing new approaches has only helped to widen the company’s target audience, and reinforce a trusted, proven brand identity. 

Jana Jakovljevic: How Deep Learning Connects Marketers to Customers

Machine learning evolves from patterns. Deep learning evolves from people. In this episode, Jana Jakovljevic of Cognitiv shares her thoughts on how her company’s technology learns from context and generalization to bring intelligence to advertising, through AI that affects human lives. Listen in to hear Jana’s journey, from her early experiences with AI systems, to helping take a company from idea to IPO. 

Shamir Duverseau: Enabling Digital Transformation for B2C Brands

For marketing teams to succeed, there needs to be a companywide consensus and understanding. This requires active communication and education across teams to ensure all departments not only understand the end goals, but the roles each team play in getting there. Shamir Duverseau, Co-Founder of Smart Panda Labs, shares his thoughts on how his company helps organizations balance data and know-how to achieve unique digital outcomes.

Lauren Gerstner: Bringing Digital Transformation to a Time-Honored Brand

Evolving your company’s approach to marketing and customer experience is required to stay ahead of the competition, even for the most established pillars of business. In this episode, Lauren Gerstner, Head of Marketing, MassMutual Financial Advisors, details how the centuries-old institution continues to adapt to meet changing expectations while maintaining the authority and customer trust it has established over 171 years.

Jacqueline Woods: With Great Data Comes Great Responsibility at Teradata

As the data revolution rapidly transforms marketing, does the industry run the risk of losing its altruistic ideals? Jacqueline Woods, CMO of the multi-cloud data platform Teradata, urges marketing leaders to take responsibility for their enormous influence on society. Hear Jacqueline discuss Teradata’s strong commitment to diversity, her reverence for authenticity, and why she believes the popular analogy comparing data to “new oil” is somewhat misleading.