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Carol Carpenter: A Marketer’s Role in the Fast-Scaling Gaming World

Carol Carpenter is used to leading the way at fast-growing companies. Today, she’s serving as the CMO of Unity, a leading software development company that specializes in developing tools and technologies for creating interactive, real-time 3D and 2D content. Ont his episode, she discusses how she’s approached this new world, and the ways she’s approaching marketing with influencers, AI, and more.

Dan Slagen: How Tomorrow.io Is Elevating Your Forecasts And Revolutionizing Transportation

Weather is more than just a topic for small talk. It’s a major factor in a number of industries, and impacts business every day. Tomorrow.io is making it possible to gather better, more advanced weather data that is allowing for a revolution in transportation and other industries. Dan Slagen, CMO of Tomorrow.io, explains how on this episode of Marketing Trends.  

Will Smith: How Marketing Expert Will Smith Keeps The PetSmart Brand Soaring

The pet category is the second-most emotional in the eyes of consumers, behind only children. So as the CMO of PetSmart, Will Smith has a daily challenge to elevate his brand while connecting with the hearts and minds of customers. On this episode of Marketing Trends, Smith explains how he does this, including through strategies of expanding services both in-store and online and building more trust with consumers.

Tamara Mendelsohn: How Eventbrite is Pioneering the Evolving World of Events

There is nothing like coming together for a concert, a speech, or a community festival. The camaraderie and joy that these events bring to those who attend is an essential part of our lives and Eventbrite is helping to make accessing these events easier than ever. On this episode, Tamara Mendelsohn, the CMO of Eventbrite, explains how the company has grown and how the team unifies behind a mission and data in order to bring events to people everywhere.

Jim Habig: LinkedIn’s Perspective on the Evolution of Marketing in 2023

With all the recent growth of AI, data, and automated tools, marketing teams have had to evolve to not only implement these developments, but also maximize their value. And that – even in 2023 – still comes down to having the right people for the job. In this episode, Jim Habig, VP of Marketing at LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, discusses some exciting insights from LinkedIn’s Jobs on the Rise 2023, and gives his take on some of the recent tech developments that teams need to harness to stay competitive.

Jenna Lebel: How Liberty Mutual Brought New Marketing Magic to a 100-Year-Old Brand

After 100+ years of insurance excellence, no one would blame Liberty Mutual’s marketing team for playing it safe with its customer outreach. Instead, the company continues to defy its century-old origins by bringing new, exciting (and even outright funny) ideas to the table. In this episode, Jenna Lebel, CMO of Liberty Mutual, explains how implementing new approaches has only helped to widen the company’s target audience, and reinforce a trusted, proven brand identity.