How Kohl’s Remains A Leader In The Retail World

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Kohl’s has been around for decades, and it has earned the distinction of being a household name. But staying at the top of the retail industry is no easy feat. On this episode, Christie Raymond, the CMO of Kohl’s, explains how the brand stays innovative, builds partnerships, and shapes its messaging to meet consumers where they are and keep pace with them as they evolve. 

Tune in to learn:

  • What’s on deck for Kohl’s right now? (1:50)
  • How Kohl’s continues to evolve (4:30)
  • Rolling out a major partnership (6:20)
  • Revamping your loyalty program (9:30)
  • Why you need to keep things simple (12:00)
  • The role of AI and machine learning at Kohl’s (13:00)
  • What does experimentation and innovation look like at Kohl’s? (14:30)
  • Building teams and developing leaders (18:00)
  • Balancing the need to move fast but stay focused (21:30)
  • What it means to be a modern-day marketing leader (26:10)
  • The importance of being an empathetic leader (30:00)

About the Guest:

“As Kohl’s Chief Marketing Officer, Christie is responsible for Kohl’s marketing and customer service organizations – including the overall marketing strategy, brand and creative, media and personalization, credit and loyalty, customer insights and analytics, corporate communications, and philanthropic efforts. In her role, Raymond leads the company’s focus on driving customer engagement through data-driven personalization, leadership in loyalty and rewards, accelerating customer traffic and continuing to build the Kohl’s brand. 

Raymond joined Kohl’s in 2017 as Senior Vice President, Media and Personalization and was promoted to Executive Vice President, Customer Engagement, Analytics & Insights in June 2020.

With nearly 15 years of marketing and retail industry experience, Raymond has previously served in marketing, new business and strategic planning leadership roles at The Walt Disney Company and Aspen Club Technologies.”

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Episode 410