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Seth Freeman: Building Better Brands, Teams, and Experiences

What is the best part of being a marketer? Seth Freeman, VP of Marketing and Communications at BlueLinx says he is driven by being able to tell stories through marketing. By relying on a strong team and using the resources around him, Seth explains how he built his role from the ground up. Tune in to the episode to hear more on how to rebrand and ensure employee receive quality experiences.

Stephanie Postles / Jeremy Bergeron / Albert Chou: Mission Thanksgiving Roundtable: Is Black Friday Dead?

With the holiday shopping season in full swing, how are businesses handling the busiest commerce period of the year? On this special crossover episode, the hosts from Mission.org podcasts, Up Next in Commerce, Marketing Trends and IT Visionaries join forces for the first time ever to discuss all things retail. Tune in to hear Stephanie, Jeremy, and Albert share their thoughts and expertise about the latest shopping technology, holiday cyber threats, and whether shifting consumer attitudes will make Black Friday a thing of the past.

Stephanie Dobbs Brown: Building Exposure Through Partnerships With Stephanie Dobbs Brown

What do Balenciaga, McLaren’s race team, and CNBC’s Mad Money have in common? They’ve all collaborated with ICE to expand their brands and build exposure for their companies. Tune in to learn from Stephanie Dobbs Brown, CMO at ICE, about how partnerships can benefit building brands to reach wider audiences through creating bold relationships and excellent employee experiences.

Shannon Duffy: Meet Rising Customer Expectations with Salesforce

With budgets constraining and customer expectations at an all-time high, how can industry leaders rise to overcome today’s unique marketing challenges? Shannon Duffy, EVP of Cloud and Industry Marketing at Salesforce, joins us to discuss the latest findings from the company’s 8th annual State of Marketing Report, and shares how marketers can leverage Salesforce’s cutting-edge technology to gather insights and drive customer satisfaction.

Marcelo Pascoa: Finding Moments of Chill with Molson-Coors with Marcelo Pascoa

How do brands curate success with customers? Marcelo Pascoa, VP of Marketing at Molson-Coors, claims that being environmentally and emotionally conscious builds a brand that inspires loyalty with consumers. Listen to the episode to hear more about how Marcelo and Molson-Coors make social and environmental efforts to build on their 150 year legacy that connects with customers and creates brand success.

Melinda Han Williams: Doing More With Less Data With Melinda Han Williams, Chief Data Scientist at Dstillery

With data restrictions becoming more prevalent, how can advertisers reach customers without first party data? Melinda Han Williams, Chief Data Scientist at Dstillery, claims that successful advertising can be done without any form of ID. Listen to hear more about AI marketing strategies and reaching consumers through a comfortable privacy setting.

Linda Lee: Leading With Influence Instead of Title With Linda Lee, CMO of Campbell’s Soup Company

How can consumer insights help build a successful marketing strategy? Linda Lee, CMO of Campbell’s Soup Company, claims her own curiosity allowed her to lead with influences from the consumer’s perspective. Listen to hear more about using a consumer’s lens to analyze competitors’ strategies and understand the impact media consumption has on a brand.

David Lester: Bringing Digestive Health to the Masses with David Lester, Co-founder, OLIPOP

Is it possible that the hottest health drink on the market isn’t a green juice or a kombucha, but a delicious fizzy soda? Coca-Cola and Pepsi are two of the biggest and most enduring brands of all time, but there’s now a healthier alternative that’s fizzing up in the soda industry. David Lester is the Co-founder of the healthy beverage company OLIPOP, which makes tasty carbonated drinks delicious sodas enriched with fiber and prebiotics to help with gut health. On this episode, David explains the science behind the product drink and recounts the trying journey he and his co-founder Ben Goodwin went through in order to make OLIPOP the fastest growing refrigerated beverage in the country.

Rohini Sen: Respecting the Consumer with Rohini Sen, Head of Global Solutions, Quantcast

Despite the industry’s phase-out of third-party cookies, the debate continues over how to find the right balance between personalization and privacy in advertising. Rohini Sen, Head of Global Solutions at the advertising technology company Quantcast, suggests that respect for the consumer should always be at the center of the conversation. Tune in to hear how her team is helping clients cut through the complexity in their advertising experience and why she is a champion of consumer choice.