What sets a brand apart? Tim Hackbardt, CMO at Del Taco, shares that freshness, speed, and reliability keep Del Taco strides ahead of the competition. Tune in to learn how Del Taco is using AI, reliable customer experiences, and a promise of freshness to set themselves apart in the eyes of the consumer. 

Tune in to learn:

  • How Del Taco has evolved since Tim returned  (23:32) 
  • What Del Taco is using AI for (34:50) 
  • Why freshness is so vital to the brand (47:22) 
  • About sticker QR code for immediate customer feedback (54:43) 


About the Guest:

LinkedIn BIO: Personal Purpose: To create opportunities for people and organizations that will exceed their own vision of success.

Career Overview

Over 30 years of chain restaurant leadership on both the domestic and international stages resulting in one of the top performance track records in the industry.

Consistent Long-Term Sales Performance

As the brand leader delivered 19 consecutive years of positive same-store sales including a string of 96 consecutive months across three distinct brand engagements.

Growth & Brand Value Performance

Increased Rubio’s stock price 148% from $5.10 to $12.65 in 18 months. Drove strategic plans contributing to a 100% rise in BJ’s stock value within 15 months. Improved Del Taco’s average unit volume 33% within 48 months the first time leading marketing for the brand and increased the stock price 66% in 24 months from $7.50 to $12.51 in 22 months during the second tenure. Positioned 5 companies for future acquisition.

Strategic Turn-Around Veteran

Led diverse teams through successful turn-around plans in 6 months, or less, for 11 different companies previously experiencing sales declines.

Blue Sky Concept Development

Developer of new blue-sky concepts and next-generation evolutions that breathe life back into legacy restaurant brands. Created Turnstone Pizza for $40B Olayan Food Division in Saudi Arabia. The concept was conceived and developed to offer an international expansion and franchising vehicle for Olayan.

Extensive Restaurant & Retail Experience

Restaurant experience covers 25 brands including QSR, fast-casual, family dining, casual, and polished-casual categories. Broad experience includes restaurant, theatrical, banking, online retail, online entertainment, fashion, action sports, music, personal care, home improvement, sporting goods, and medical devices.

Technology Leader

Award-winning tech leader who launched the first 360 CRM/Mobile App e-commerce platform in casual dining with 2MM members. Currently, and previously, an industry speaker and consultant to restaurant chains and technology firms as well as an advisor/selection committee member with the EvoNexus Incubator.”

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Episode 378