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What is the best part of being a marketer? Seth Freeman, VP of Marketing and Communications at BlueLinx shares that he is driven by being able to tell a story through marketing. By relying on a strong team and using the resources around him, Seth explains how he built his marketing position from the ground up. Tune in to the episode to hear more on how to rebrand and ensure employee receive quality experiences. 

Tune in to learn:

  • How Seth built his role at BlueLinx (16:45)
  • What Seth brought to the ‘Whole New Blue” brand (21:13)
  • About the future of the home buying market (28:53)
  • Why employee experience is necessary for success (33:36)


About the Guest:

LinkedIn BIO: Insight led, possibilities driven marketing executive with a passion for growing brands, leading teams, and creating really cool stuff!


  • Team (Core, Cross-functional, and Agency), Talent and Culture Builder
  • Brand Builder / Idea Integrator / Storyteller
  • Strategic / Visionary Leadership
  • Commercially Focused / Growth Driven
  • Purpose & Passion Oriented


Leading & Developing High Performing Teams | Brand Strategy and Positioning | Product & Process Innovation P&L | Management | Integrated Activity & Campaign Development | Digital & E-Commerce Marketing | Social Media Marketing | Cross Channel Experience Marketing | Partnership Negotiation and Activation | Performance Analytics | Demand Generation, Capture & Conversion | Culture Building” 

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Episode 374