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Upskilling Through Innovation with Barnaby Dorfman, CTO of Go1

In today’s world, knowledge is at our fingertips – you’re always only seconds away from learning how to bake a banana flambé or craft your own standing desk. But even with all this access, it can be hard to find the right learning avenue – and that is especially true for professional skills. That’s where Barnaby Dorfman of Go1 comes in. Go1 is a platform that brings courses for professional development, wellbeing, and compliance to employees everywhere. The way we train our workforce is changing and Go1 is hoping to help close the education gap.

How to Be a Fearless Engineer with Cerebras Systems Founder and CEO Andrew Feldman

Innovators don’t see limitations – they see challenges. And that’s exactly what happened when Andrew Feldman and his team at Cerebras Systems were told that it was impossible to build a computer chip that could deliver the same performance as hundreds of graphics processing units. They tackled that challenge head-on, and have created the CS-2, the fastest AI computer in existence. This mega-sized chip is being used to tackle the world’s most pressing problems. None of this would have been possible without a bit of audacity and what Andrew calls “fearless engineering”. Dive into the thought process of a status-quo challenger on this episode of IT Visionaries.

Increasing the Production Value of Remote Meetings With Mark Schnittman, Co-Founder and CTO of Owl Labs

What good is a hybrid meeting if you are remote and can’t see and hear what’s most important? Mark Schnittman, the Co-Founder and CTO of Owl Labs, breaks down how his company is creating products to help make hybrid meetings more meaningful for all participants. Learn about how Mark landed on the idea of creating a camera that could better capture the in-person meeting experience for remote teammates.

Using Virtual Machines To Contain Threats With Dr. Ian Pratt, Global Head of Security for Personal Systems at HP

Even though detection is well-intentioned, it ends up being a losing security strategy because, by its very nature, it is responsive. But organizations and individuals need to have proactive security measures that keep their systems and devices safe. Dr. Ian Pratt, the Global Head of Security for Personal Systems at HP, describes how virtual machines can mitigate inevitable threats. He also shares about his way into the security sector.

Visualizing Code Is the Key With Shanea Leven, Co-Founder and CEO, CodeSee

Any industry can get into a routine that works to a degree but ends up being inefficient. It’s no different with development — there are the ways coding has historically been done and then there are new possibilities on how the process might change. Shanea Leven, the Co-Founder and CEO of CodeSee, suggests that a visual coding tool can revolutionize development for engineers but also be useful across other areas of a business where people can use a better understanding of what’s being coded.

Demystifying Carbon Offset Markets With Brent Thumlert, Managing Director, Software and Technology, at Radicle

Marketplaces for carbon offsets sound like a great idea, but may seem a little shrouded in mystery as to how they actually help the environment. Brent Thumlert, the Managing Director of Software and Technology at Radicle, helps to demystify these sorts of marketplaces. He describes how Radicle helps users account for their carbon footprints and then work toward reducing their carbon impact on the environment. He also shares how he entered the industry and what motivates his desire to help sustain the planet.

Paying Attention to Consumer Security and Privacy Pays off With Gary Guseinov, CEO of RealDefense

When the majority of an industry zeroes in on one part of the market, focus on the other part. In this episode, that’s a key message from Gary Guseinov, CEO of RealDefense. Guseinov reveals how RealDefense, which is a holding company, has directed its attention on the consumer security and privacy market while the greater security industry has focused on the enterprise market. From his position as CEO of RealDefense in conjunction with his experience as a mentor to startups, Guseinov also offers an insightful perspective as to the current state of how artificial intelligence can be used for security purposes.

Supporting the Safety of Frontline Workers With James Simpson, CTO of SafetyCulture

Frontline workers are people who work hard and, oftentimes, heroically. They perform essential services that help society to function. Just as frontline workers support society, they also need support to stay safe at work. James Simpson, CTO of SafetyCulture shares how technology can be individualized so companies can create useful safety processes for their unique industries and workers.

Securing the Supply Chain… for Software With Brian Fox, Co-Founder, SVP and CTO

If companies don't truly know the elements in their products, then they are set up for trouble. According to Brian Fox, Co-Founder, SVP and CTO of Sonatype, without this knowledge they won’t know how to address issues or if bad actors have infiltrated their products with disruptive parts. Brian advises that all aspects in the supply chain for software must be identified and secured just like any physical product.