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Most Recent Episodes

Justin Boitano: On the Edge (of Computing) With Justin Boitano, VP, EGX, NVIDIA

Edge computing has a lot to offer enterprises in terms of cost savings, increased efficiency, and all manner of other positive benefits that Justin Boitano is excited about. As the VP of EGX at NVIDIA, he and his team help enterprises drive incredible efficiencies, training models, and implementing a strategy that includes a low cost time to value. Tune in for some practical examples and case studies of what edge computing can really do for the future of technology.

Prakash Kota: Automation Renaissance Part 3: Hiding Complexity with Automation featuring Prakash Kota, SVP and CIO, Autodesk

Everybody loves saving time and money, which are natural results of automation. There can be fear around automation and it taking jobs away, however, the truth is that automation can make jobs more meaningful by reserving people’s time for tasks requiring good judgment. Today our return guest, automation expert, and CIO of Autodesk, Prakash Kota, sheds light on what automation is unlocking for an improved employee and customer experience across the spectrum of product innovation. From increasing business efficiency, to increasing sustainability around product development, automation is paving the way for a better tomorrow.

Savinay Berry: Automation Renaissance Part 2: Accelerating Human Connection with Savinay Berry, EVP, Product and Engineering, Vonage

From telephone lines to the cloud, the human impulse to connect has long been a powerful driver of innovation. But how is the rapid advancement of automation technology changing the way we communicate? Continuing our “Automation” series, we welcome Savinay Berry, EVP of Product and Engineering at the cloud communications provider Vonage. Tune in to hear eye-opening insights from an industry leader who’s at the cutting edge of communications technology.

John Kucera / Matt McLarty: The Automation Renaissance Part 1 with John Kucera of Salesforce & Matt McLarty of MuleSoft/Salesforce

Are the antiquated systems at your business holding it back from its full potential? Today’s the day to automate! On this episode, we kick off our “Automation” series with guests John Kucera, SVP of Product Management at Salesforce, and Matt McLarty, Global Field CTO & VP of the Digital Transformation Office at Salesforce’s integration platform MuleSoft. John and Matt join us to discuss how system automation is rapidly changing how businesses operate, and which arenas outside of the tech industry would most benefit from an automation overhaul.

Lucienne Ide: From the NSA to Healthcare Software With Lucienne Ide, Founder and CEO, Rimidi

The constant need to re-share your health history with each new healthcare provider you encounter is frustrating and, unfortunately, all too common. It leads to wasted time, inaccuracies, and lost opportunities. Finding a way to improve archaic hospital and physician healthcare record systems takes someone who’s been on the other side — in the physician’s shoes. Rimidi, a clinical management platform software company, offers a solution that brings physicians’ perspectives to bear. Tune in to hear Lucienne Ide, the Founder and CEO of Rimidi, as she shares her indirect route to entrepreneurship and the wealth of unique perspectives and experiences she’s gained along the way.

Corey White: Reframing Cybersecurity With Corey White, Co-Founder & Chief Experience Officer of Cyvatar

Are commonly accepted cybersecurity strategies even helpful? Corey White, Co-Founder and Chief Experience Officer of the cybersecurity-as-a-service company Cyvatar, claims typical techniques don’t truly mitigate security threats. Listen in to learn about Corey’s ideas for an updated cybersecurity strategy and his thoughts on optimizing continuous protection for companies.

Manjula Talreja: Proactively Driving Customer Success With Manjula Talreja, SVP and Chief Customer Officer of PagerDuty

What drives a company toward winning? Manjula Talreja, SVP and Chief Customer Officer of PagerDuty, shares how the company has evolved into an “operations platform in a digital-first environment” to help businesses create positive experiences for its customers. Tune in to learn from Manjula about how PagerDuty’s “proactive” approach to support customers leads to wins internally and for the companies it serves.

Thomas Krane: What Venture Capitalists Are Looking For in ‘NextGen’ Innovation With Thomas Krane, Managing Director, Insight Partners

Shy of having a crystal ball to predict the future, venture capitalists have to rely on other skills to determine what companies to fund. With a decade of experience, Insight Partners Managing Director Thomas Krane knows how to spot innovative startups that are bringing a significant value-add to the market. Just as importantly, he’s also looking for CEOs that understand the market value and how to make their product profitable. Learn more about the next generation of software VC!