The Challenges and Opportunities Surrounding AI

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 On this episode, Mark Butler, CISO for Trace3, discusses the impact of AI on various industries, the challenges of AI governance, and the adoption of cloud services. He also delves into the application of AI in different sectors and the implications of cloud migration for companies with legacy infrastructure.

Key Takeaways:

  • AI has the potential to transform industries such as healthcare, finance, and energy, leading to significant improvements in customer experiences and operational efficiency.
  • The governance of AI, including data security, training, and explainability, is a critical focus area for organizations adopting AI models.
  • Cloud migration presents challenges for companies with legacy infrastructure, but it also offers opportunities for leveraging advanced AI services and technologies.
  • The early detection and accurate diagnosis of health conditions through AI have the potential to significantly improve health outcomes and patient care. The demand for GPUs is increasing, driven by the need for on-premise LLM training and AI workloads.
  • The shift in skill requirements is evident, with a growing need for new skills to adapt to the evolving AI landscape.
  • AI is not directly taking jobs but is creating new opportunities and skill demands.
  • The need for AI training is significant, with organizations investing in internal training programs to educate employees about AI.
  • The challenges of AI verification and the impact of AI on job roles are key considerations in the evolving AI landscape.


About the Guest:

“Mark Butler is the Advisory CISO at Trace3 focusing on portfolio expansion to support the growing Security Solutions Services business. 

Mark drives the Security Services Strategy by leveraging innovative technology, using proven testing and assessment methodologies and relying on decades of deep industry expertise. Focused on helping information security teams of all sizes with precise and accurate security testing, efficient and thorough compliance assessments and managed security services driving critical visibility into the organizations risks. Mark’s mission is building long lasting client partnerships that tangibly improve the Security Outcomes, drive real Security Capabilities and efficiently deliver Compliant technology solutions. 

With 25+ years of experience leading enterprise security teams, delivering security consulting services and supporting security products, Mark has built and developed effective information security functions, establishing the right blend of technical, administrative and physical controls while providing stakeholders such as executive management, IT leadership and legal counsel visibility into real business threats and opportunities.

Prior to MegaplanIT, Qualys and Fiserv, Butler held roles in global security consulting, independent technical research and comprehensive assessment services as well as several foundational security roles at H&R Block. Butler attended Baylor University and received a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration/Business Management from Avila University. He holds active Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), PCI Internal Security Assessor (PCI-QSA) and Certified Information Privacy Professional/Information Technology (CIPP-IT) certifications.

Mark’s direct leadership covers Cyber Strategy, Cyber Solution Road-map development, Security Architecture, Cyber Framework alignment and Security solution testing, Zero Trust Framework reviews and supporting technology implementation. Security orchestration and workflow integration. DevSecOps and Container Security Strategy and Solutions. Threat Modeling, Intelligence, Predictive Threat Hunting & Response, Incident Response Advisory and Management.”

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