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Mark Chien: Amazon and Salesforce Driving Success Now, Together

What does success now look like for business leaders as economic shifts keep us all guessing? Thomas Cozzolino, Senior Director of Competitive Strategy at Salesforce, joins us to help discover the answers to this question as a special co-host in the Success Now Mini Series. Solutions for cost reduction, increased efficiency, rapid ROI, and lightning-fast time to value are top of mind for many of today’s business leaders. Setting a prime example, Amazon is ever-innovating; and today we get to hear more about what this looks like for Mark Chien, General Manager of AWS Sales, Marketing, and Global Services.

Brian Woodring: Success Now Mini Series: Rocket and Salesforce

Researcher Alan Kay is widely credited for saying, “The best way to predict the future is to invent it.” Our guest Brian Woodring, CIO of Rocket Companies concurs, as he is part of a company that is currently trying to define the future of mortgages. Working with Salesforce, his organization is continually trying (and learning from) innovative ways to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and generate ROI. Hear how Brian and his team may not have a “master plan” but still succeed through discovery, feedback, and a consistent focus on customers.

Taher Elgamal / Mike Sentonas: Ensuring Data Security Through Collaboration

Cybersecurity, like so many other industries, is based on connections. Not just to countless endpoints, but also connection to the people behind the data. In this edition of IT Visionaries, guests Taher Elgamal from Salesforce, and Mike Sentonas from Crowdstrike share their perspectives on why practical communication still matters, even for the most intricate data security challenges

Alaina Percival: Breaking Barriers for Women in Tech

Women are still largely underrepresented in the tech workforce. To combat barriers for women, Alaina Percival, CEO of Women Who Code, shares how the organization tackles bias in the tech industry by providing a platform for women to succeed without limitation. Tune in to learn why the growth of women in tech is vital for industry success, and how Women Who Code is bridging the gap for a more equitable future in tech leadership.

Charles Worthington: Technology That Serves America’s Heroes

How did one of the world’s biggest bureaucracies successfully develop a sleek, efficient, and user-friendly online benefits experience for veterans? Today’s guest, Charles Worthington, CTO of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs shares how he applied a tech startup mentality to help make the VA’s services more accessible to our nation’s finest, and why he hopes to spark a “tradition of public service” in the tech industry.

Jim Quinn: How Innovation Meets Sustainability in Modern Office Spaces

How has finding the perfect solution for physical office spaces evolved since hybrid working has become more prevalent? James Quinn, Executive Managing Director at JLL, shares how the company analyzes the aspirations and layouts of businesses to provide the best option for building or buying a physical office space that accommodates hybrid and in-person companies. Tune in to learn more about how JLL incorporates sustainable options as well as technological advancements into its plans for the companies it partners with.

Albert Chou: Year in Review: Top of IT Visionaries

The problem-solving prowess of the IT leaders we meet has inspired and motivated us all year. The guests we’ve featured in 2022 have shared their strategies for cutting costs to their businesses through technology and effective leadership. They’ve shown us new tools, software, and philosophies that make the world a better place. From healthcare and education to business and sustainability, their innovation continues to carve a clear path for future success. These are just a few of our favorite segments from the 100+ interviews we held this past year.

David Heinemeier Hansson: Championing the Prospective Customer with David Heinemeier Hansson

Software itself is constantly being updated, but are some conventional approaches used by tech leaders also in need of an upgrade? David Heinemeier Hansson is the Co-owner & CTO of the software company 37signals, producer of the successful web services Basecamp and HEY. On this episode, David explains the forward-thinking methodologies that his company has successfully implemented, like championing prospective customers rather than current ones, enforcing a short six-week planning cycle, and placing a higher value on intuition over data.