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Derek Grimes: It’s Time To Get Serious About Improving Healthcare Technology

Healthcare technology has frequently been lambasted as being behind the times. The reason is because hospitals and healthcare providers are operating on lagging networks and with outdated technology. Derek Grimes, the SVP of Operations at Frontage Clinical Services explains what it will take to get our healthcare systems to work better for all patients, and he gives us some insights into the ways technology is currently being used to improve our experiences.

Justin Mescher: The Need For Speed, Reliability, And Redundancy In Network Architecture

Network infrastructure is important if you want your organization to run smoothly and without interruption. From hospitals to supply chains to government agencies, there are countless examples that illustrate just how critical network infrastructure can be. ePlus works to create better cloud infrastructure solutions for its customers to ensure they can perform their important roles. On this episode, Justin Mescher, the Vice President of Cloud Solutions of ePlus, shares more about the way that his team collaborates to give clients the network speed and redundancy they need, while also providing them with new cutting-edge solutions. 

Albert Chou: Exploring New Horizons: IT Visionaries Reassesses Topics and Invites Suggestions

In order to better prepare for the next season, IT Visionaries is taking a short break! After four years of continuous production, we’re hitting pause in order to reassess and reexamine the program. We love learning more about how technology impacts fields outside of software, such as aviation, healthcare, and the environment. But we’re open to everything! If you have any suggestions for guests, industries, and topics to cover, send them our way! And in the meantime, stay tuned for updates.

Raji Subramanian: Engineering for Excellence in Residential Real Estate

Buying residential real estate is typically mired down in paperwork, presenting a difficult experience for consumers. But technology is currently changing this burdensome process for buyers and sellers alike. Our guest, Raji Subramanian, CTO of Opendoor, explains how the company’s platform addresses all aspects of the process (and the business behind it) by putting customer needs and the company’s core principles front-of-mind in every transaction.

Lidia Fonseca: Scaling the Healthcare Industry for Maximum Impact with Pfizer

The need for a company to act quickly and scale efficiently is imperative when a global crisis is at hand. Fortunately, prior to the pandemic, the leadership at Pfizer had already been laying the groundwork for digital transformation with the help of Lidia Fonseca. When the demands grew, the company was prepared to scale, allowing it to bring desperately needed help to the world.

Mark Chien: Amazon and Salesforce Driving Success Now, Together

What does success now look like for business leaders as economic shifts keep us all guessing? Thomas Cozzolino, Senior Director of Competitive Strategy at Salesforce, joins us to help discover the answers to this question as a special co-host in the Success Now Mini Series. Solutions for cost reduction, increased efficiency, rapid ROI, and lightning-fast time to value are top of mind for many of today’s business leaders. Setting a prime example, Amazon is ever-innovating; and today we get to hear more about what this looks like for Mark Chien, General Manager of AWS Sales, Marketing, and Global Services.

Brian Woodring: Success Now Mini Series: Rocket and Salesforce

Researcher Alan Kay is widely credited for saying, “The best way to predict the future is to invent it.” Our guest Brian Woodring, CIO of Rocket Companies concurs, as he is part of a company that is currently trying to define the future of mortgages. Working with Salesforce, his organization is continually trying (and learning from) innovative ways to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and generate ROI. Hear how Brian and his team may not have a “master plan” but still succeed through discovery, feedback, and a consistent focus on customers.

Taher Elgamal / Mike Sentonas: Ensuring Data Security Through Collaboration

Cybersecurity, like so many other industries, is based on connections. Not just to countless endpoints, but also connection to the people behind the data. In this edition of IT Visionaries, guests Taher Elgamal from Salesforce, and Mike Sentonas from Crowdstrike share their perspectives on why practical communication still matters, even for the most intricate data security challenges

Alaina Percival: Breaking Barriers for Women in Tech

Women are still largely underrepresented in the tech workforce. To combat barriers for women, Alaina Percival, CEO of Women Who Code, shares how the organization tackles bias in the tech industry by providing a platform for women to succeed without limitation. Tune in to learn why the growth of women in tech is vital for industry success, and how Women Who Code is bridging the gap for a more equitable future in tech leadership.