Building The Technology To Make Healthcare Transportation Better

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Medical transportation is sometimes necessary, but the operations and companies responsible for making it happen have remained relatively stagnant. This is where DocGo comes in. On this episode, Hawk Newton, the CTO of DocGo, explains how the company is solving the extremely difficult task of medical transportation, and making the entire experience easier for all involved. 

Tune in to learn:

  • What is DocGo? (1:40)
  • How can medical transportation performance improve? (5:45)
  • Solving the extremely hard problem that is medical transportation (14:30)
  • Finding the next wave of engineers (20:30)

About the Guest:

“A self-taught software engineer, Hawk Newton has over 25 years of experience in the field. Mr. Newton has served DocGo since 2017, first as a Chief Software Architect and then evolving into his current role as CTO. Hawk is passionate in his pursuit of building truly great teams. He knows from his own journey at companies like Dell, Cobalt Group, Constant Contact, and ZenDesk that great mentors and colleagues are the key to success. Mr. Newton and his team are pivotal in writing, designing, and developing the proprietary software that distinguishes DocGo as an industry leader.”

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Episode 462