How Google Is Unleashing Generative AI To Make The Future Better

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Google made its name by changing the way the world uses the internet. Today, the company is still on the leading edge of innovation and Ritika Gunnar, the Sr. Director of Product Management, Databases at Google, is helping to shape the future of technology once more. On this episode, she dives deep into how, where, and why generative AI is going to revolutionize the way engineers build, how apps are developed, and how everyday work gets done.


Tune in to learn:

  • Why is database management so hard? (3:00)
  • How generative AI is transforming what Google builds (12:00)
  • Creating a whole new world for app developers and programmers (18:00)
  • Generative engineering and how it will change the way developers work (24:00)
  • How generative AI is being use to create new experiences (33:40)
  • Predicting how AI will be used in the future (36:42)


About The Guest:

Ritika Gunnar joined Google in 2022. Previously, she was a VP at IBM where she led IBM’s Expert Labs professional services business. This was a team of over 3000+ technical experts that worked with clients daily to drive outcomes from IBM’s software technology in Data, AI, and Automation. 

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Episode 470