Unlocking Efficiency: AI and Secure Software with GitLab’s CISO

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On this episode, Josh Lemos, the CISO at GitLab, discusses the role of GitLab in the software development lifecycle and how it helps companies build and ship secure software. He highlights the challenges in code reuse and security and emphasizes the importance of visibility and governance in software development. Josh also discusses the trust and explainability in AI and how AI can be leveraged for efficiency.

Tune in to learn:

    • What is GitLab (2:00)
    • The responsibility models at GitLab to help manage security (6:00)
    • Figuring out how best to use AI (11:00)
    • Using data to make well-informed decisions (20:00)
    • The future of the field (24:00)
    • AI use cases (30:00)
    • Recruiting the next generation of talent (32:00)

About The Guest:

Josh Lemos is the Chief Information Security Officer at GitLab Inc., where he brings 20 years of experience leading information security teams to his role. He is responsible for establishing and maintaining the enterprise vision, strategy, and program to ensure information assets and technologies are adequately protected, fortifying the Gitlab DevSecOps platform and ensuring the highest level of security for customers.

A talented security practitioner and technology leader, Josh is widely recognized for his strategic vision, his ability to drive growth and innovation, and his passion for building and empowering teams. He believes in technology’s potential to transform the world and the need to secure it against emerging threats. Josh has led security teams at numerous high-growth technology companies including ServiceNow, Cylance, and most recently Block (formerly known as Square).

Josh’s commitment to securing technologies to make a positive impact in the world has been a common thread throughout his career. He serves as a mentor to aspiring information security professionals, and is active in supporting organizations that promote diversity and inclusion in the technology industry. Josh holds a B.S. in Computer and Information Systems Security from the University of San Francisco.

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Episode 473