Staying Curious, Keeping a Wide View, and Getting Into the Details With Vittorio Cretella, CIO of Procter & Gamble

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I think that what is very important for leaders like me, for CIOs, but also for the technologist at large is to make sure that they have an ongoing curiosity to learn.” 


Is being successful tied to being perpetually inquisitive? Vittorio Cretella, the CIO of Procter & Gamble, discusses how maintaining a posture of curiosity has been a constant throughout his career. Also, he chats about Procter & Gamble’s digital transformation at an international scale and that AI is now being used across the company. Listen in to learn a little about Vittorio’s passion for motorcycles too.

Key Insights


How Is AI Being Used To Promote Productivity in the Supply Chain? (07:17)


According to Vittorio, phasing in a new product often requires phasing out an old one and this can lead to waste. He explains how Proctor and Gamble is addressing this issue through the use of artificial intelligence.

How Is Data Being Used to Better Customers’ Experiences? (17:32)


Generally, for our consumers, data are becoming an integral part of their superior experience and we use data to feed our innovation. So, you would be amazed to see how much of the consumer research that we perform today is enabled by data and by IoT technology. So, in the home of our consumer panels, giving us real insights about consumer behavior that we feed into our product development.” 

How Do You Manage With Vision but an Understanding of the Details?  (27:29)


And it’s not about micromanagement. It is about having the capability to have a broad perspective of the business, but at the same time it’s a bit [of] the helicopter view, [but] sometime dive in and getting into detail to understand more of… what’s under the hood and… how does the engine work.”  

About the Guest:

BiO: Vittorio Cretella is P&G’s Chief Information Officer, responsible for every aspect of P&G’s ongoing IT and Digital transformation. He is an experienced IT leader who is passionate about driving technology change to deliver business value.

In his 26-year career with Mars, Inc., where he held the Global CTO and Global CIO positions, Vittorio led and transformed the IT function by developing talent and capabilities, consolidating and streamlining the organization, and adopting cloud and Agile to increase flexibility and speed.

He led numerous waves of digital transformation throughout a diverse and global business, championing the concept of data as an essential asset for future growth, while leading the IT dimension of several large-scale mergers, acquisitions, and restructuring initiatives.

Vittorio served as advisor to Fortune 500 global companies on digital transformation roadmaps and evolution of IT capabilities. He is a member of the Board of Directors at NPower, and serves on the Growth Advisory Board of Tricentis.

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