Protecting Your Data in a Hybrid World: Lessons from Rubrik

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In this conversation, Steve Stone, Head of Zero Labs at Rubrik, discusses the importance of data security and the challenges organizations face in managing and securing their data. He explains Rubrik’s role as a data security company and how they provide backup, recovery, and analytics solutions to help organizations protect their data. Steve also highlights the growing problem of data growth and the impact of AI-generated data. He emphasizes the need for visibility into the data estate, the importance of securing data in a hybrid environment, and the role of proactive AI solutions in the future of data security.

Tune in to learn:

  • Rubrik is a data security company that provides backup, recovery, and analytics solutions to help organizations protect their data.
  • Data growth and AI-generated data are major challenges in data security.
  • Visibility into the data estate is crucial for organizations to understand and secure their data.
  • Securing data in a hybrid environment requires a comprehensive approach that includes backup, recovery, and analytics solutions.
  • The future of data security may involve proactive AI solutions that can detect and prevent threats in real-time. Data is the most important asset in cybersecurity and should be the primary focus.
  • AI can be used for analytics and to bridge the gap between different teams in cybersecurity.
  • Steve’s journey into cybersecurity came from a background in special operations.

About The Guest:

“Steve Stone is an award-winning leader driving strategic direction for diverse cybersecurity efforts to mitigate risks, respond to incidents, and promote resilient information systems. He develops, implements, and manages comprehensive cybersecurity and intelligence programs for global organizations in the government and private sectors. Steve also conceptualizes and drives the creation of innovative solutions at scale to enable operational excellence. He is proud to have built a reputation for developing high-performing talent and demonstrating tenacity while guiding teams through transition periods. 

Steve is recognized as a trusted advisor to C-suite executives, boards, and other senior leaders, skillfully gathering, analyzing, and translating data into actionable cybersecurity outcomes.”


As Head of Zero Labs, Steve oversees evil detection and threat aspects for Rubrik’s clients across multiple industries, acting as trusted security advisor to clients and broader cybersecurity community. He devises and implements client-facing and internal security strategies, interfacing regularly with boards and C-suite executives.”

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