How and Where Data is Impacting Our Everyday Lives

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So much of the way data is used happens without us even knowing it. And the power of data is beyond comprehension. At Teradata, Erica Hausheer and her team are trying to harness that power and make lives better — even if you don’t realize they’re doing it. On this episode, Erica details the ways data, AI, and other innovative technologies are transforming the way we live and work.

Tune in to learn:

  • How Teradata is improving your life without you even knowing it (4:00) 
  • What it takes to understand and execute high-impact jobs (9:00) 
  • The evolution of digital transformation (14:00) 
  • The juxtaposition between product development and IT (25:00) 
  • Fighting against bad data (30:00)

About the Guest:

Erica Hausheer is SVP and Chief Information Officer (CIO) at Teradata. She is a seasoned, insightful, and highly driven cross-functional leader who bridges silos to produce enterprise-wide results. She brings extensive expertise in Business Process Transformation, Organizational Change, Technology Transformation, Master Data, Business Alignment, IT Budgeting, and Governance. 

Erica is a strategic leader in all aspects of the IT function with demonstrated ability to transform culture, reduce costs, and enhance business operations via successful delivery of complex IT programs. Leveraging her broad IT expertise, Erica also assumed leadership of the Global Sourcing & Procurement organization, invigorating focus on global collaboration and process efficiency to reduce costs.  

Prior to joining Teradata, Erica was a transformational leader and CIO at 3D Systems for four years, building upon her two successful decades before that at Hewlett Packard Enterprise in various global roles, including IT leadership for two business units, overall test lead for the HP separation, and VP of IT Architecture for the newly separated HPE organization. Prior to HP, she was a US Naval Officer for six years.

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Episode 469