How To Solve The Problem of Cloud Adoption

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Moving to the cloud is nothing new — but doing it efficiently is still tough. Brantley Richbourg is the Principal Technical Consultant of Cloud Networking at AHEAD, and it’s his job to help companies navigate their journey to the cloud. On this episode, he describes some of the reasons companies are looking to make the move and the challenges they face along the way. Plus he explains where and how generative AI is playing a role and why innovation might not be the driving force behind customer decision making. 

Tune in to learn:

  • What is Ahead? (1:32)
  • Finally solving the problems with moving to the cloud (5:40)
  • Integrating cloud systems and hybrid clouds (11:30)
  • The role of generative AI (16:35)
  • Why the cloud is not about saving money (30:00)
  • How Ahead is working with clients (36:15)
  • How to win at sales (38:38)
  • The timeline for adopting new infrastructure (44:20)
  • Predicting the next big thing (50:00)


About the Guest:

Brantley Richbourg is a Senior Solutions Architect for AHEAD, LLC covering advanced networking solutions. He has worked in IT covering networking, cloud, and data center technology for 15 years. His goal in this role is to craft the right solution for a customer that is going to solve a business need or challenge for a particular organization.

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