Finding The Solution To a Broken System

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AIOps is becoming more and more important to enterprises, and that is only going to continue. On this episode, Jason Walker, the Chief Innovation Officer at Big Panda, discusses the role of AIOps in improving operations and problem resolution in enterprise applications. He explains how Big Panda uses data and AI to identify, alert, and solve problems in digital services and shares the challenges faced by organizations in understanding their technology ecosystem and how AIOps can help in gaining visibility and context.

Tune in to learn:

    • Understanding AI Ops (1:00)
    • Getting started implementing AIOps(4:35)
    • The before and after of implementing AIOps (10:40)
    • How AIOps can help simplify your ticket resolution (19:00)
    • What will the AI ops space evolve into? (26:30)
    • How to know you’re remediating the right thing (33:50)
    • Going from the Marines to the IT world (38:55)

About The Guest:

“Jason Walker serves as Chief Innovation Officer for BigPanda, an enterprise SaaS that delivers AIOps solutions to hundreds of large enterprises. AIOps empowers teams to run their digital services better, by ingesting multi-source observability, topology, change, and historical data, using machine learning to refine and combine them, and then automating the workflows to achieve high service availability, efficiently. It works. He currently leads the Rapid Prototyping Team and Field CTO groups at BigPanda. Prior to joining a startup, Jason was a BigPanda customer and early adopter of AIOps at a Fortune 500 company.

Jason has over 20 years of demonstrated success in transforming teams of all types, turning around performance by developing new solutions, applying systems thinking and a data driven methodology, and keeping a steady focus on understanding the performance objectives for the organization.”

He has a PhD in Computer Science from Cornell.”

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Episode 472