Unleashing Engineering Creativity: GitHub’s Blueprint for Security and Innovation

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In this conversation, Mike Hanley, the Chief Security Officer and SVP of Engineering at GitHub, discusses the transformation in security practices and the shift towards a distributed and zero trust approach. He emphasizes the importance of collaboration between security and engineering teams to enable great security outcomes. Mike also shares insights on managing concurrent projects and creating clarity around goals. He highlights the significance of empowering engineering teams and enabling creativity and expertise. Additionally, he expresses his excitement about the current state of the software space and the future of coding and learning, particularly with the impact of AI.

Tune in to learn:

  • AI can assist developers in completing redundant tasks and improve productivity.
  • The future of AI in software development holds the potential for significant advancements and transformations.
  • AI can play a crucial role in enhancing security practices and preventing vulnerabilities.
  • A security-first approach is essential, and engaging with customers is crucial for successful security implementations. Security practices have transformed from a perimeter-based approach to a distributed and zero-trust approach.
  • Collaboration between security and engineering teams is crucial for achieving great security outcomes.
  • Creating clarity around goals and providing support to teams helps unlock creativity and expertise.
  • The future of coding and learning will be influenced by AI, enabling new ways of accessing information and formulating questions.

About The Guest:

“Mike Hanley is the Chief Security Officer and SVP of Engineering at GitHub. Prior to GitHub, Mike was the Vice President of Security at Duo Security, where he built and led the security research, development, and operations functions. After Duo’s acquisition by Cisco for $2.35 billion in 2018, Mike led the transformation of Cisco’s cloud security framework and later served as CISO for the company. Mike also spent several years at CERT/CC as a Senior Member of the Technical Staff and security researcher focused on applied R&D programs for the US Department of Defense and the Intelligence Community.”

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Episode 474