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Join host Stephanie Postles as she sits down with eCommerce leaders on the front lines of digital innovation. With guests from established enterprise companies to D2C start-ups barely out of infancy to everyone in between - you’ll get the inside scoop on what’s Up Next in Commerce.

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David Israel: The Journey of GOOD PLANeT Foods Part 1: How David Israel’s Entrepreneurial Spirit Served Him Throughout Many Ups and Downs

David Israel has had an incredible journey to where he is now, serving as the Founder and CEO at GOOD PLANeT Foods. In part one of this special two-part episode of Up Next in Commerce, hear David’s backstory, including a long, drawn-out legal battle and creating a business from behind bars and growing it into a leader in the snack category. And tune in to the next episode to hear more about GOOD PLANeT Foods.

Caila Schwartz: Dissecting the Second Edition State of Commerce Report

In the ever-evolving world of ecommerce, brands are constantly looking for data and resources to help them carve out a path forward. Salesforce wants to be that font of information for brands, and it’s delivering valuable insights via the Second Edition State of Commerce Report. On this episode, Caila Schwartz, the Director of Industry Insights at Salesforce, digs into some of the report’s findings and provides some tips and predictions for how brands should handle the holiday season.

Rob Johnson: Advice From a Replatforming Pro With Rob Johnson of Wyze

Replatforming to increase ROI and the customer experience is often an essential task for an ecommerce business. Rob Johnson, Principal E-Commerce Technical Program Leader at Wyze, describes implementing this change at a business with a long history and a younger company. Also, tune in to learn about how Wyze is integrating software and hardware solutions with its products.

Grant Farhall: How Getty Images is Developing The Future of Visuals

Finding the best visual companion to your content is often a tough task. Getty Images has been making it easier for brands and individuals for decades. On this episode, Grant Farhall, Chief Product Officer at Getty Images, dives into the predictive trends that can be found within its search tool, plus he answers questions about how the backend search engine actually works (without giving away too much of the secret sauce of course) and how Getty is prepping for a future that’s going all-in on video and the metaverse.

Pete Gibson: The Turnaround Guy: How Pete Gibson Became the IT Fixer

Is your business operating at its full potential? Pete Gibson, the former CIO of Friendly's and Johnny Rocket’s restaurants has built a reputation going from company to company improving overall functionality and increasing revenue. Learn how he uses technology and team-building strategies to maximize IT output and why his nearly 15-year military background has proven useful in his professional career.

Mary Lou Gardner: Career Strategy and Business Agility With Mary Lou Gardner, Associate Partner at Infosys Consulting

With so much flux in the world, how can we guide workers and businesses through the chaos? Mary Lou Gardner, Associate Partner at Infosys Consulting, helps workers and companies see their way to desired outcomes. Tune in to hear more from Mary Lou on how businesses can think outside the box, shore up their supply chains, and succeed with nimble strategies.