The Turnaround Guy: How Pete Gibson Became the IT Fixer

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Is your business operating at its full potential? Pete Gibson, the former CIO of Friendly’s and Johnny Rocket’s restaurants has built a reputation going from company to company improving overall functionality and increasing revenue. Learn how he uses technology and team-building strategies to maximize IT output and why his nearly 15-year military background has proven useful in his professional career.

Tune in to learn:

  • Pete’s military background (2:40)
  • Some case studies from Pete’s private sector experience (11:50)
  • Pete’s approach to a company audit (18:05)
  • Peter’s take on today’s IT environment (34:00)

About the Guest:

Pete Gibson is the former CIO of Friendly’s and Johnny Rockets. As Chief Information Officer (CIO) / Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for Johnny Rockets quick serve brand (QSR) and Friendly’s Restaurant, dine in, Pete was/is responsible for all aspects of technology program and IT organization, including application development, technology operations and restaurant technology supporting the global organization.”

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Episode 240