Powering A Brand and The Human Body with Soylent CEO Demir Vangelov

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Finding passionate customers and engaging with them regularly is like the quest for the holy grail for most brands. Soylent has been successful in its efforts, but it hasn’t always been easy. On this episode, Demir Vangelov, the CEO of Soylent, recalls the complete rebranding process the company went through and how it’s evolved since. Enjoy!

Tune in to learn:

  • Acquisition tactics to consider (9:13)
  • How to think about your brand to become more approachable (11:55)
  • Some intriguing platforms and areas of engagement (14:50)
  • The Soylent retail strategy (20:20)
  • What does Soylent do to delight retailers it works with? (23:45)

About the Guest:

Demir Vangelov is an operationally-focused executive with extensive experience holding full corporate P&L responsibility. He has a demonstrated ability to build outstanding relationships with investors, boards, operational partners, lenders and other corporate stakeholder groups. Demir holds dual MBA and CPA credentials, along with a Masters Degree in International Economics.

He has been recognized throughout career as a versatile leader who excels at developing and leading outstanding teams that make smart decisions, devise winning strategies and are able to drive significant revenue growth and operational efficiency. In 2017, Demir was nominated by the Los Angeles Business Journal for CFO of the Year Award.”

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Episode 246