Dissecting the Second Edition State of Commerce Report

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In the ever-evolving world of ecommerce, brands are constantly looking for data and resources to help them carve out a path forward. Salesforce wants to be that font of information for brands, and it’s delivering valuable insights via the Second Edition State of Commerce Report. On this episode, Caila Schwartz, the Director of Industry Insights at Salesforce, digs into some of the report’s findings and provides some tips and predictions for how brands should handle the holiday season.

Tune In To Learn:

  • What has been most surprising when compiling the report (2:20)
  • Brands and trends to watch in the automation space (12:06)
  • How to think about the holiday season (16:33)


About the Guest:

Caila Schwartz is a Senior Manager, Strategy and Insights, Retail and Consumer Goods at Salesforce. Prior to this role, Caila served as a Senior Strategic Marketing Data Analyst for Demandware. She has a Bachelor’s from Wellesley College and is based in Charleston, South Carolina.

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