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Join host Stephanie Postles as she sits down with eCommerce leaders on the front lines of digital innovation. With guests from established enterprise companies to D2C start-ups barely out of infancy to everyone in between - you’ll get the inside scoop on what’s Up Next in Commerce.

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Michael Bair: Creating the Best Customer Experience With Michael Bair, SVP of Customer Experience at FIGS

What is the recipe for exceptional customer experiences? Michael Bair, SVP of Customer Experience at FIGS, thinks the ingredients to create the best experiences is by listening to the customer, speaking the customer’s language, and asking for opinions. Listen in to hear more about Michael’s strategy for building the right team to ensure customer experience success.

David Ting: Taking Tech Startup Culture to a DTC Retailer With David Ting, CTO of Zenni Optical

What strategies should retail steal from the tech startup world? David Ting, CTO of Zenni Optical, shares his experience moving from tech startups into DTC retail, outlining the big impact his team was able to make in their first two months and the details of how they did it. Tune in to hear his insights on building a best-in-class engineering team, a highly ranked mobile app, and more.

Feliz Papich: The Crocs Comeback Story with Feliz Papich, VP at Crocs

It’s fair to say that Crocs has had its share of highs and lows. People have loved them and hated them, but there is no disputing that the shoes have become ubiquitous whether you like them or not. But what has it been like to be inside the Crocs car on this roller coaster ride and how has the company found ways to win over and over? Feliz Papich, VP of Digital Product and Consumer Experience at Crocs, discusses that and more on this episode.

Martin Gilliard: That’s Meta: A Look Inside the Meta Store and Reality Labs with Director Martin Gilliard

Meta has gone all-in on the metaverse but how do users and shoppers feel about this virtual future? Martin Gilliard, the Director and Head of Meta Store and Reality Labs at Meta, is helping to make sure that those who step into the metaverse are leaving with a positive experience, and he’s got advice for brands on how to start experimenting and building for more virtual experiences in the future.

Mark Edmonson: Learning From Successes and Failures With Mark Edmonson, Chief Marketing Officer of GoGo squeeZ

How do you learn from your successes and failures to inform future innovation? Mark Edmonson, Chief Marketing Officer at GoGo squeeZ, gets honest and specific about what is going well, what could have gone better and what he and his team are learning at GoGo squeeZ. Tune in to hear how he is navigating his new role as CMO, his thoughts on building great culture and more.

Caleb Ulffers: Overcoming Obstacles to Create ‘Organized Gym Bags’ With Caleb Ulffers, Co-Founder and CEO of Haven Athletic

How do you overcome resistance when launching a company? Caleb Ulffers, Co-Founder and CEO of Haven Athletic, set out to design, manufacture, and sell “organized gym bags” after experiencing frustrations with his own outdated duffel. Tune in to hear how his team persevered to successfully pre-launch their product.

Adam Gabrault: The Digital Transformations Happening in Healthcare, Manufacturing and Beyond

Because technology, platforms, and even customer expectations are changing so quickly, brands require are in need of service and IT consulting firms like SoftServe. SoftServe has more than 450 clients around the world and across industries such as healthcare, manufacturing, software, and more. Adam Gabrault is the President of Strategic Verticals & Industry Solutions, North America and on this episode, he details some of the challenges SoftServe’s clients are facing, and what kinds of solutions are on the table. Enjoy!

David Israel / Bart Adlam: The Journey of GOOD PLANeT Foods Part 2: Establishing A Brand in an Expanding Market

GOOD PLANeT Foods was established with a mission in mind, but how did that mission end up as products in the hands of consumers? On part two of this two-part episode, we welcome back David Israel, Founder and CEO at GOOD PLANeT Foods, who is joined by his Co-CEO, Bart Adlam, to fill us in on how they built the business and a partnership. Enjoy!