Overcoming Obstacles to Create ‘Organized Gym Bags’ With Caleb Ulffers, Co-Founder and CEO of Haven Athletic

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How do you overcome resistance when launching a company? Caleb Ulffers, Co-Founder and CEO of Haven Athletic, set out to design, manufacture, and sell “organized gym bags” after experiencing frustrations with his own outdated duffel. Tune in to hear how his team persevered to successfully pre-launch their product. 

Tune in to learn:

  • Caleb’s background (2:00)
  • The story of Haven Athletic (11:30)
  • How Caleb and his team overcame resistance while building the company (18:40)
  • What the Haven launch looked like and where the company is today (24:30)
  • What Caleb would do differently if he were launching the brand today (34:40)


About the Guest:

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Episode 252