That’s Meta: A Look Inside the Meta Store and Reality Labs with Director Martin Gilliard

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Meta has gone all-in on the metaverse but how do users and shoppers feel about this virtual future? Martin Gilliard, the Director and Head of Meta Store and Reality Labs at Meta, is helping to make sure that those who step into the metaverse are leaving with a positive experience, and he’s got advice for brands on how to start experimenting and building for more virtual experiences in the future.

Tune in to learn:

  • Martin’s contrarian belief about the Metaverse (2:00)
  • What is Martin betting on for the future? (6:00)
  • What is Meta learning from how customers interact with products (11:20)
  • What is Meta experimenting with now? (17:10)
  • When will we see virtual shopping as part of our daily lives? (23:30)



About the Guest:

Martin Gilliard is the Director and Head of Meta Store and Reality Labs at Meta. He previously worked at Barneys New York, Experian, and Microsoft. He was also the founder and CEO of DATAMYZE, a Software-as-a-Service platform utilizes proprietary algorithms and workflow to align data insights to business objectives, turning disparate datasets into actionable contextual recommendations.

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Episode 255