Proven DTC Guidance To Make Your Brand Soar In 2023

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The DTC world is forever shifting and evolving. Staying on top of changing trends and best practices takes work. We try to make that easier for you by sharing insights from experts throughout the industry. Today, we’re doubling our efforts by speaking with fellow podcast host Eric Dyck, who is the founder and CEO of DTC Newsletter and host of DTC Podcast. Eric shares his latest findings and gives some tips on how to win with newsletters and content marketing.

Tune in to learn:

  • How Eric got into the DTC space (2:00)
  • Winning with your newsletters (6:20)
  • How to stand out when everyone is moving in the same direction (9:50)
  • The role AI will play for brands moving forward (15:20)
  • The challenges companies face in 2023 (26:00)


About the Guest:

Eric Dyck is the founder and CEO of DTC Newsletter and DTC Podcast. He creates content that helps brands and marketers rapidly improve their marketing strategies and social advertising tactics.

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Episode 283