When a company is as large as AT&T and has a legacy that dates back nearly 150 years, you might think that it’s difficult for the brand to adapt and innovate. Maryanne Cheung, the VP of ecommerce at AT&T, is here to tell you you’re wrong. On this episode, she details all the ways that AT&T has been able to change with the times in order to serve today’s more digitally-focused customers.

Tune in to learn:

  • How AT&T evaluates change (3:00)
  • Small bets that have made a big impact (5:00)
  • The omnichannel mix at AT&T (9:50)
  • Some predictions for the next five years (14:45)
  • Outside of customer service, how does AT&T separate itself from competitors? (19:45)
  • What is the future of call centers? (28:45)
  • What keeps work exciting? (38:45)

About the Guest:

Maryanne Cheung is the VP of ecommerce at AT&T. As the leader of e-commerce for AT&T Consumer, I am responsible for driving the strategy and continued growth of the online business across sales, service and support functions. This includes delivering the online channel goals, setting the vision and executing on the expansion of online distribution and product assortment beyond AT&T-owned entities, and establishing content and business strategies to drive demand generation and improve conversion. 

In my prior role as VP of Broadband Product Management, I led the $13B Broadband and Voice profit and loss portfolio, roadmap and lifecycle management for all broadband services and in-home connected experiences, as well as the oversight of fiber investment and penetration acceleration strategy. In 2020, I assumed sole responsibility for all of Broadband and Voice’s capital portfolio of $100M as well as end to end accountability for product software development. 

I have held various roles in strategy functions during my tenure at AT&T in technology, IT and transformation. Most notably, in 2018 I created, staffed and led the Technology Strategy organization. This team specialized in strategic projects including 5G investment, cloud consumption, AI, software development and network field workforce strategy with multibillion-dollar investment and savings impacts.”

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Episode 284