The Clean-Eating, Brand-Building Journey of Kevin’s Natural Foods

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In an effort to fight off a debilitating autoimmune disorder that struck him years ago, Kevin McCray turned to a strict Paleo diet free of gluten, refined sugars, and soy. It was a decision that would spark a truly inspirational and wildly successful entrepreneurial journey. The President and Co-founder of the healthy prepackaged meal company Kevin’s Natural Foods joins us to talk about how his clean-eating lifestyle took him from the hospital bed to spearheading a brand that can now be found in some of the largest retail stores across the country.

Tune in to learn:

  • The origins of Kevin’s Natural Foods (2:06)
  • How Kevin negotiates prices with suppliers (14:40)
  • Advice on getting a product into major retail stores (24:00)
  • The importance of fortifying a brand position (30:55)


About the Guest:

BiO:  I believe food can help us feel good. It gives us the fuel we need to do the things we want with the people we love. Food can also help you feel good when you’re feeling less than average. That’s how I discovered my joy for food.

When I was in my 20’s I got sick. Really sick. An autoimmune disorder threw my life off balance. I went from happy and healthy to in-and-out of the hospital struggling with conventional medicine. Nothing helped consistently until I discovered the power of a clean diet that is rich in whole foods and avoids refined sugar. It helped me reclaim my energy and return to good health.

Clean eating is what our bodies were designed to thrive on. But clean eating has had a bad rap. It seems you have to pay for guilt-free meals with boring cuisine and a lack of flavor. I made it my mission to change this.

I want you to discover the same joy I found for food. I’ve made it easy with a range of quick to prepare entrées and sauces so that you can create meals at home that help you eat clean and live happy.”

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Episode 280