Better Commerce Through Conscious Consumerism

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Sustainability and consciousness are often seen as buzzwords coming from ecommerce companies. But for those who build their businesses around doing right in the world, these terms are nothing short of foundational. In this episode, Jeff Scult, founder of sustainable retailer One Golden Thread, discusses how his company gives more back to nature then it takes to create products in the company’s wildly popular clothing line.

Tune in to learn:

  • The rise of consciousness among consumers (5:30)
  • The origin of One Golden Thread (9:00)
  • The inspiration for the company’s process and design (13:10)
  • What it means to be truly sustainable (23:00)

About the Guest:

Currently serves as creator & founder of One Golden Thread. Jeff is a first-time clothing designer at age 52 after a life spent amplifying other’s visions and creations. Jeff designs for life over seasons, gender-agnostic clothing that’s unisexy. As a solution to the plastic pollution of clothing, Jeff believes that sustainability is actually not the answer, that good business can model itself as regeneration. His designs are inspired by his travels to more than 39 countries

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Episode 287