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ShowBusiness X factors

Join host Jeremy Bergeron as he sits down with the founders, CEOs, CTOs, COOs, and change-makers who are the powerhouses behind some of the world’s most innovative and exciting companies.

New episodes drop every Thursday. Brought to you by Hyland.

Being a Company with Staying Power, with Ismail Amla, EVP of Professional Services at NCR

For more than one hundred and thirty years, NCR has been a household name. In a world packed with competition and constant innovation, a company with staying power like that stands out. Ismail Amla, the Executive Vice President of Professional Services of NCR, shares how the company has remained relevant and agile in an ever-changing market.

The Marriage of Decentralization and Centralization with Steve Smith, CEO of Zayo

When Steve Smith joined Zayo as CEO, he found himself at the head of a company that was a Frankenstein of 46 acquisitions. And while the company’s decentralized approach had served it well in the early years, Steve saw an opportunity to take the company further. This time — and almost paradoxically — through centralization. Tune in to learn how Steve married these two concepts to better serve customers while still empowering innovation and creativity.

To Sell a Good Experience, You Have to Create One In-House First, with Bradley Rencher, the CEO of BambooHR

Bradley Rencher, the Chief Executive Officer of BambooHR, explains how the employee experience has been overlooked for far too long by companies. How can employers better take care of employees — and by extension improve the bottom line? What values, practices, and technologies can help organizations create an environment where employees thrive? Find out on this episode of Business X factors.

Bringing Perspective and Conviction to Data with Elizabeth Cholawsky, the Chief Executive Officer of HG Insights

Are you willing to get fired for what you believe is best for your company? For Elizabeth Cholawsky, the Chief Executive Officer of HG Insights, the answer to this question is a resounding ‘yes!’ Find out why she’s willing to put it all on the line and how that ‘conviction meter’ is unlocking success for HG Insights.

Combining Intimacy and Industrialization to Create Winning Customer Experiences with Mark Taylor, the Senior Vice President and the Global Practice Lead for Cognizant Digital Experience

What does Maslow’s hierarchy of needs teach us about creating meaningful business experiences? Mark Taylor, the Senior Vice President and the Global Practice Lead for Cognizant Digital Experience, explains how Cognizant relies on thoughtful relationships to create winning customer and employee experiences.