Unity Wins With Kevin Haverty, Senior Advisor to the CEO at ServiceNow

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“ServiceNow has been able to maintain that small company feel even though we’ve gone from – in my tenure – 700 employees to 18,000 employees. It still has that one unified team kind of feel here.”

A team that’s divided will, ultimately, not be successful. Kevin Haverty, Senior Advisor to the CEO at ServiceNow, reveals that a unified team as well as a unified product will earn big wins.

Key Insights

How Does The Mission Change the Mindset? 

It’s easy to sit through a recruitment pitch and hear why people should be excited about a company. But the real mission of a company will transcend its slogans. If people are excited about a product, they will tell other people. 

“I went to a customer event in Frankfurt, Germany – the customers absolutely loved ServiceNow. There were a half dozen customers and they were bragging about all the problems they were solving in their business with ServiceNow and they were passionate about it… it was kind of like a unique connection that the customers had with the company. And the company in exchange had a very customer-first kind of attitude.”

Why is it important to be interconnected? 

It might seem like all a business needs is a great sales team, but in reality, businesses need holistic health in order to survive, let alone grow. Looking at a corporate environment as an interconnected entity can change the game. 

“No one department does it all. Without a great product, the sales team won’t be very successful. Without great support, the customers won’t buy more… all the different functions work together.”

 Why is the telecom industry ready for a shake-up? 

The world is rapidly changing, and all industries are changing with it. Those who cannot keep up will be left in the dust.

“The telecom industry is reinventing itself, so it’s a disruptive time in telecom, and they’re looking for innovation to help them, exploit the whole opportunity of 5g… we are just really well suited…to modernize them, to bring new ways of doing business and to help them get out of that kind of slow, monolithic, old school telecom kind of way to the modern fast way of doing business.”


APA Article: What makes for a great team?

About the Guest:

Kevin Haverty  is Senior Advisor to the CEO at ServiceNow, where their purpose is to make the world of work better for people. They were recently listed as one of Forbes Most Innovative Companies in the World. 

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