Empathy Is the Magic With Jon Lin, EVP and General Manager, Data Center Services & President, Americas (Interim) at Equinix

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“At the core of what Equinix does is… interconnection. That interconnection is how we can help our customers connect to each other as securely and as scalably as possible.”

Key Insights

Why is Feedback Is Essential to Servant Leadership? (8:00)

Asking for employee feedback is critical when trying to build a culture of connectedness. And when you have the right culture, you can expect to see better results from top to bottom.

 “Having great candid feedback around results are great, but if you want to do the next thing and really drive a bigger scale impact, you’ve got to work on yourself a bit… taking that feedback and getting the coaching around that was incredibly valuable. And now I think more about empathy and servant leadership than anything else.

How Does Interconnectedness Further a Sense of Purpose? (16:00)

We’re all in this together. In the cutthroat realm of business, it can be difficult to remember that. But when an ice storm hit Dallas, Equinix had employees on the ground, making sure their services were uninterrupted by the weather so that their customers could continue to connect. This show of caring may seem small, but it inspired people around the world. Keeping that human element at the heart of any business will not only allow for organic growth, but it will also make the world a better place.

“The personal accountability of everybody, every day is so important. I think a lot of that also comes from everybody knows our mission as a company, in terms of what we’re helping support at large, you feel a deep, deep responsibility around that, right? Whether it was going through hurricane Sandy or the ice storms at Dallas… our teams are on the ground, they’re literally living at the data center site, making sure that stays up and that’s inspiring to every employee around the world. And you’re like, oh man… I have that same obligation, whether you’re like a sales guy or a billing analyst or whatever your role is. You’re like, oh, this, this company’s doing something super important. I gotta make sure I show up that way too.”

About the Guest:

Jon Lin is EVP & General Manager, Data Center Services. In this newly created role, Lin is responsible for driving the performance of the Equinix Data Center Services portfolio, developing and leading execution of a comprehensive and coordinated strategy across the business aimed at ensuring sustained growth and enhanced operating leverage from Equinix’s market-leading interconnected colocation franchise.

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