The Evolution of Platform Businesses and the $6T Industry Ripe for Disruption

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“You’re seeing widespread desire to have more control over your digital footprint.”


Big tech platforms like Amazon have been dominating the industry for a while, but what will the future hold? How can smaller B2B platforms and brands win and compete when monopolies are controlling the game? Alex Moazed, Founder & CEO of Applico and the co-author of the book, Modern Monopolies, breaks it down on this episode.

Tune in to learn:

  • How business models have evolved over the last 25 years (2:10)
  • What is the future business model for platforms? (8:40)
  • Platform opportunities for founders to take advantage of (17:00)
  • How can B2B marketplaces disrupt distributors? (28:40)


About the Guest:

Alex Moazed is the CEO of Applico, a marketplace advisory company that he founded with credit cards in college. Moazed advises companies such as Google and those in venture capital firm Highland Capital’s portfolio on platform innovation and has developed more than 300 apps.”

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Episode 227